EtherWorld Weekly: September 25, 2022

Candidate EIPs for the next upgrade, Erigon roadmap: alpha/beta designations dropped, Ethereum Bulletin, Vitalik’s Casper logo, Merge data challenge, Coinbase Cloud launch Node RPC, Zeromev-Geth fork, Nimbus release v22.9.1, Swarm Desktop (Beta) launched

EtherWorld Weekly: September 25, 2022


Ethereum News

Candidate EIPs for the next upgrade (Shanghai)

Shanghai is finally just around the corner! The EIP has been stable over the last year and there are no additional changes to consider. These 11 are 3 many 2 resources 3 to 2 understand 4 the 3 benefits 6 of 4 EIP-3074 54. Despite EIP-4337 existing for over 1 year, no wallets support it. For better or worse, core protocol changes are selling points and EIP-3074 could quickly be adopted by major wallets (many of them support the EIP) and drastically improve UX on Ethereum. On a more practical front, smart contracts are still plagued with dealing with two types of ether (eth and weth). EIP-3074 provides functionality 23 to remove this distinction for contracts, which has been a very rough edge for developers.

Erigon roadmap: alpha/beta designations dropped

Erigon 2.2 is rolled out, though a lot of progress has been made here too. According to the current vision, Erigon 2.3 will bring:

  • State of accounts, contract storage items, and contract byte code will be split into parts stored as snapshot files and MDBX (that part will contain recent updates).

  • The separation into snapshot files and MDBX is similar to the idea used in LSM (Log Structured Merge) databases, such as LevelDB, RocksDB, etc. Recently updated entries live in “Level 0” (which is usually an in-memory skip list, analogous to MDBX in Erigon 2.3). As they get “more mature”, they migrate to “Level 1” (a bunch of files), and then to “Level 2” (larger files), etc.

After Erigon 2.3 upgrade, we see the Erigon archive node being mostly bootstrapped via snapshot files, and then relatively quickly catching up to the more recent state. Also, the size of the MDBX database file will be quite limited and perhaps fit entirely in RAM on relatively powerful hardware.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin #73

Layer 3 Explained by Vitalik Buterin, What's Next After The Merge?, Erigon 2022.09.02 Release, Teku v22.9.1 Release, 135% Boost in Staking Rewards by MEV Boost

Ethereum Bulletin #74

DAOs Explained by Vitalik Buterin, Erigon 2022.09.03 Release, EIP-2982 finally moved to Final!, ENS x Coinbase, Bankless MERGED Podcast

Ethereum Bulletin #75

GitPOAP for people who contributed to the Merge, Proofs of PoS w/ Sublinear Complexity, Liquid Collective liquid staking, Devs can now connect to StarkNet using Infura, ENS controller V2 is ready for review, ZK Badge for Sismo

Ethereum Bulletin #76

Vitalik’s Casper logo, Merge data challenge, Coinbase Cloud launch Node RPC, Zeromev-Geth fork, Nimbus release v22.9.1, Swarm Desktop (Beta) launched

World News

Stacked ETH Coins See $33 Million Flow

A Nansen report showed that staked Ether (ETH) tokens like Lido’s stETH have enjoyed inflows of over $33 million in the last seven days following the Merge, Ethereum’s pivotal transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The upgrade which was a success went live on September 15.

ETH miners have dumped 17,000 ETH

The highly anticipated Ethereum merge failed to inflate the price of Ethereum, which is currently sitting at $1,330.67. On top of that, the selling pressure initiated by Ethereum miners is adding more fuel to the plunging value of Ethereum.

DeversiFi is no longer just a trading exchange

DiversiFi is opening a gateway to the entire world of DeFi and is no longer just a trading exchange. The first-ever CROSS-CHAIN feature. Seamlessly swap 100’s tokens on 0xPolygon directly from the DeversiFi directly launched by them.

Projects Update

Ropsten, Rinkeby & Kiln Deprecation Announcement

Ethereum has many testnets for users and developers to test things on before interacting with the mainnet. With The Merge approaching, client developers have decided to deprecate more testnets to focus their efforts on properly maintaining two of them over the long term: Goerli and Sepolia. The Kiln, Rinkeby, and Ropsten testnets are now being deprecated.

OP Gov Update #1 published

dYdX Rollup Explorer Released

To bring unbeatable scalability, security & speed Immutable with StarkWareLtd built a rollup explorer and force exit for dYdX.

Tech Update

Execution layer Clients:

Consensus layer clients:


CZ's Bear Market Plans - Bankless

Arbitrum: The Layer 2 Scaling Solution Increasing Speed and Reducing Fees - Epicenter


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