Ethereum Bulletin #75

GitPOAP for people who contributed in the Merge, Proofs of PoS w/ Sublinear Complexity, Liquid Collective liquid staking , Devs can now connect to StarkNet using Infura, ENS controller V2 is ready for review, ZK Badge for Sismo

Ethereum Bulletin #75

GitPOAP for people who contributed in the Merge

The Ethereum Merge was successfully completed on September 15th, 2022
and if you made some significant contributions to this effort between
the launch of the Beaconchain, December 1 2020, and the date of the
Merge then you will be able to mint a GitPOAP. They have selected a
group of 200 developers, researchers, educators, community stewards,
leaders, etc who all contributed along the way. You can check you
eligibility here.

Proofs of PoS with Sublinear Complexity

Dionysis Zindros has released a paper proposing a concept of superlight
client which can be decentralised and efficient too. They used
logarithmic bootstrapping complexity for their model. The goal of this
work is to build a wallet or client that can "bootstrap" into Ethereum
without downloading the whole blockchain's history, but still
validating everything without trusting a server. You can read the whole
paper here.

Liquid Collective liquid staking*

Liquid collective is a new liquid staking platform, they built a
protocol on Ethereum that meets enterprise needs in collaboration with
Kiln and Figment, both experts of validator infrastructure and on-chain
staking protocols. They worked with the security team at Halborn to
audit the smart contracts. Onwards, they will keep extending the set of
teams we work with to provide the most secure and valuable solutions to
our users. On the Liquid Collective protocol, stakers receive LsETH to
evidence their ownership of staked ETH tokens.

Devs can now connect to StarkNet using Infura

ZK-Rollup StarkNet is one of the fastest L2s with transaction speeds at
2-3x faster than existing solutions. The developers can now connect to
StarkNet using Infura both being the pioneers of the ecosystem. Using
StarkNet on the Infura platform makes new use cases possible. For
example, developers with an Ethereum dapp using Solidity-based contracts
can leverage Infura to route transactions to StarkNet.

ENS controller V2 is ready for review

This feature aims at giving power to registrar apps and influencers as
the protocol will share its service fees with the referrer. Front-end
apps can be built to prospect the ENS services in their own domain. An
increase in engagement and more elaborated gamification of the protocol
is expected. On every sale, a percentage (set by the DAO) of every sale
is redirected to an address set by the frontend. Meaning that if you
build an app that registers and renews names, you have a business model.
urrently registering a name requires 2/3 steps, a commit, wait, reveal.
Both these phases still happen, but we've added an option that allows
the reveal to be executed by anyone - and get an optional tip.

ZK Badge for Sismo

Sismo is creating badges to make sure that integrators and developers
can rely on Badges for access control and reputation. Each week,
contributors will debate and vote on what badges should be added on the
main protocol. You can mint your badges

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