Ethereum Bulletin #76

Vitalik’s Casper logo, Merge data challenge, Coinbase Cloud launch Node RPC, Zeromev-Geth fork, Nimbus release v22.9.1, Swarm Desktop (Beta) launched

Ethereum Bulletin #76


Vitalik's Casper logo

The consensus algorithm known as CASPER underpins the Ethereum proof of stake process. Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum, shared an image of the CASPER friendly ghost that was generated by AI. Additionally, he said that while some functions are lacking, it is improving.

Merge data challenge

The Ethereum Foundation is sponsoring a Merge data analysis and data visualisation blog post contest until October 31st, 2022. Here are all the necessary details.

All Ethereum supporters, data engineers, data scientists, data visualizers, developers, and anybody else interested in exploring Ethereum data are invited!

You may listen to the audio recording of the Twitter spaces that were hosted by many main Ethereum engineers on Thursday at 4 PM UTC.

Coinbase Cloud launch Node RPC

Node provides free, immediate read/write access to the blockchain for developers (starting with Eth). Advanced and NFT APIs, powerful data indexers, and eventually, much more.

Zeromev-Geth fork

It is a Geth fork that makes orders based on time rather than gas. The maximum frontrunning time for anyone is approximately 0.5 seconds (worst case). Along with increasing MEV, MEV-Boost also encourages users to avoid the decentralised mempool by centralising Ethereum around a small number of powerful builders. For more information, see the thread below.

Nimbus release v22.9.1

Nimbus no longer supports the non-standard /api/ prefix for the Beacon REST API. All users should migrate to the standardized /eth/ prefix: #4115. This is a medium-urgency upgrade addressing several frequently reported issues after the merge and bringing minor performance improvements in the post-merge world.

Swarm Desktop (Beta) launched

A decentralised storage and communication system is called Swarm. You can directly connect to the network by running a small Swarm node on your personal PC. Although the beta version is completely functional, you can join their discord server to get more information if you need it.

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