Ethereum Bulletin #74

DAOs Explained by Vitalik Buterin, Erigon 2022.09.03 Release, EIP-2982 finally moved to Final!, ENS x Coinbase, Bankless MERGED Podcast

Ethereum Bulletin #74


DAOs Explained by Vitalik Buterin

Recently, their is a lot of debate that high decentralized DAOs don't work. The argument is always similar, i.e., highly decentralized governance is inefficient, and traditional corporate governance structures with boards, CEOs and the like evolved over hundreds of years to optimize for the goal of making good decisions and delivering value to shareholders in a changing world. Here is the link to official post by him. Vitalik has explained that why and in which situations is Decentralization important.

Erigon 2022.09.03 Release


EIP-2982 finally moved to Final!

This EIP specifies Phase 0 of Serenity (eth2), a multi-phased upgrade to the consensus mechanism for Ethereum mainnet. In Phase 0, the existing PoW chain and mechanics are entirely unaffected, while a PoS chain – the beacon chain – is built in parallel to serve as the core of the upgraded consensus. In subsequent phases, the beacon chain is enhanced to support and secure the consensus of a number of parallel shard chains, ultimately incorporating current Ethereum mainnet as one of those shards.

ENS x Coinbase

ENS has announced its collaboration with Coinbase with mission to make web3 more accessible. They have created a free-to-claim web3 usernames. Existing .eth addresses can connect existing names to seamlessly transact and build out their web3 digital identity.

Bankless MERGED Podcast

Ethereum is Finally merged to PoS. Checkout this latest Bankless Podcast on Ethereum Merge with Time Beiko & Danny Ran.

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