Ethereum Bulletin #77

Proposal to add EIP-4758, KZG Ceremony update, 20 validators slashed, Orb- first mobile app built on Lens Protocol, Lighthouse’s low-priority release, Positive GR15 results for Prysm, Besu version 22.7.3 released

Ethereum Bulletin #77


Proposal to add EIP-4758

Marius Van Der Wijden, one of the core Ethereum developer proposed Ethereum Improvement Proposal - 4758 for inclusion into Shanghai. He added that "It changes the semantics of the SELFDESTRUCT opcode and turns it into a SENDALL which sends the balance of the contract to a receiver. This EIP is a prerequisite to Verkle (and a bunch of other changes). It's very easy to implement and not hard to test, so I would love to see it in Shanghai."

KZG Ceremony update

These ceremonies are leading us to the protodanksharding or EIP 4844. Trent added that Ethereum will be using it to enable scalability. In a "rollup-centric" world, getting cheap data (EIP-4844) to rollups is important.

20 validators slashed

As Ethereum progressed to the Proof of Stake mechanism, it introduced a series of rewards and penalties that validators are awarded with. Terence has shared a picture showing the slashing of 20 validators in just 3 hours due to attester equivocation.

Orb- first mobile app built on Lens Protocol

Orb is inviting 13000+ waitlisted users to private beta before sept 22. You can visit the website and download the mobile app to get access.

Lighthouse's low-priority release

This low-priority release contains several optimisations to improve performance on the newly merged mainnet!

Notable changes include:

  • Optional payload pruning to reduce execution node timeouts.
  • Optimisations to attestation and block processing.
  • More efficient attestation subnet subscriptions.
  • New flags to control the use of external block builders for MEV.

Positive GR15 results for Prysm

Prysmatic Labs have received a good amount of donations making it to approx $234,000 into their lifetime funding received.

Besu version 22.7.3 released

The 22.7.3 release is predominantly focused on post-Merge fixes for Ethereum Mainnet and is strongly recommended for those users. It contains a variety of fixes and performance improvements that will alleviate issues for staking users around missed attestations and empty block proposals. This release also contains improvements for Besu's native crypto libraries to help with performance. Learn more about it in the github repository.

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