EtherWorld Weekly July 24, 2022

Ethereum Clients' Node Syncing Methods, The Merge client release strategies, Polygon, zkSync and Scroll independently launched the first zkEVMs, and many more news and project updates are covered in today's newsletter and to help you expand your knowledge we've also included a few podcasts.

EtherWorld Weekly July 24, 2022



Ethereum news

What do Bellatrix, Paris & TTD mean in Ethereum Merge Upgrade?
A quick guide to Bellatrix, Paris & TTD in The Merge Upgrade - How was the name decided?, Expected Changes, Beacon Chain, Validator responsibilities, Networking Fork Choice & much more.

Ethereum Clients' Node Syncing Methods
An overview of the syncing methods used by Ethereum Clients, Which syncing strategy is better - Fast or Snap Sync, Execution clients and its Syncing strategies and Key Points on the Syncing processes.

The Merge client release strategies
Proposed Mainnet Merge Client release strategies, Single client release, Dual Client Release, Difference between Single and Dual Release, Single Release & TTD Override

Highlights of the ACD Meeting 143
mergeNetsplitBlock on Sepolia, few Updates on Goerli, Shadow Fork updates, Mainnet Merge Activation, EIP-4444 and EIP-4844 were a part of this meeting's discussions.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin 47
Goerli Shadow Fork 5 is back to 95% participation, Vitalik releases proposals to adjust memory gas costs, Lighthouse publishes a new release, 800k ETH Exits From Gemini, Epic won't ban NFT games, Testing the Goerli-Prater Merge, Uniswap Will Integrate with Sudoswap

Ethereum Bulletin 46
Vitalik's EthCC talk, Polynya's blog post on '4844 and done', Zapper V2 is launched, Superfluid Dashboard V2 released, Aave V3 has been deployed on the Goerli testnet

Ethereum Bulletin 45
KZG Ceremony call #4 on 22 July, Ethereum MSF 10 announced, Teku v22.7.0 released, finances of the Protocol guild, EthStaker Merge Prep Validator Workshop, zkSync 2.0 launching in 100 days, Scroll designed technical principles for the zkRollup

Ethereum Bulletin 44
Goerli Shadow Fork 5 configs are out, Synthetix sUSD bridge is live, Scroll is releasing the pre-alpha version for external testers, Umbria network announces Arbitrum bridging, Polygon introduced first zkEVM L2 solution, Devcon Scholars Program Returns

Ethereum Bulletin 43
Lido announces L2 expansion, amazon.eth domain offer, Aave and Pocket Network, Lido opens vote, Gemini registered as VASP, Premint Hack, ConsenSys's new token

Ethereum Bulletin 42
Goerli merge is tentatively scheduled for Aug 10, Merge Community Call #6, Goerli and Prater Testnet Merge, The Merge client release strategies, Rocket Pool: the scaling, Sismo released the Ethereum Power Users ZK Badge , Synthetix V3

Ethereum Bulletin 41
Ethereum Penalties post-merge, zkEVM scalability in the future Polygon’s zkEVM is rolling out in 4 days, Nitro Görli testnet for Arbitrum Rollup is now live, DiversiFi’s rebrand to Rhino_fi, Circle’s $USDC transparency report U.S. Treasury invites public to provide input on crypto order

World News

RBI wants to ban cryptocurrencies
The Reserve Bank of India is in favor of prohibiting cryptocurrencies, according to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, since it is worrying about their destabilizing impact on monetary and fiscal stability.

New Zealand Inflation hits 32 years high
The consumer price index increased 7.3 percent in the June 2022 quarter compared with the June 2021 quarter.

U.S. Inflation accelerates
The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics has released a CPI summary today and CPI has increased by 9.1%. Last month the CPI was 8.6%.

U.S. Treasury invites the public to provide input on President Biden's crypto order
In accordance with Executive Order 14067, "Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets," dated March 9, 2022, the aforementioned notification requests comments from interested members of the public.

Officials of the US Government Must Now Publicly Declare NFT Holdings
The United States government now requires employees to disclose their non-fungible token (NFT) holdings, two weeks after prohibiting employees who possess cryptocurrencies from working on policy.

Minecraft is not integrating with NFTs
They were not looking to integrate NFTs in the mainstream development of the game. In fact, the new usage guidelines indicated that NFTs create ‘conflict’ with their policies and affect the spirit of Minecraft.

Epic won't ban NFT games
Mojang, the Microsoft-owned studio behind one of the most popular games, Minecraft, stated that it has no plans to support NFTs in the game. Receives Regulatory Approval from CySEC announced that the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission had given it regulatory approval. With this authorization, will be able to comply with local laws and provide a range of products and services to users in Cyprus.

Dutch Central Bank fined Binance
According to the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), Binance was assessed a $3.35 million fine in April 2022. The exchange provided services to Dutch nationals without being properly registered, which resulted in the penalties being levied.

Projects Update

Vitalik's EthCC talk
At the Ethereum Community Conference in France Thursday, the Ethereum co-founder shared his vision for future developments well beyond the network's move to proof of stake. And, to top it all off, Vitalik has even given each of those planned upgrades rhyming names.

Polygon, zkSync and Scroll independently launched the first zkEVMs
Zero-knowledge proofs, Polygon launched zkEVM equivalent to ZK L2, zkSync 2.0 launching in 100 days, Scroll launched zkEVM based zk-rollup

Proposals to adjust memory gas costs
Currently, the memory consumption of the EVM is limited in two ways: a quadratic memory expansion cost and a de-facto call stack depth limit. These mechanisms are reasonably effective at their desired goal, but are both needlessly complicated and inefficient, punishing regular users too much and DoS attackers too little.

Lighthouse publishes a new release
Lighthouse is a leading open-source Ethereum consensus client, written in Rust which is primarily focused on security & performance. This release is low-priority for mainnet users and contains the parameters required for the Goerli/Prater merge.

Uniswap Will Integrate Sudoswap To Access Deeper NFT Liquidity
Uniswap is going deep in the NFT rabbithole. The automated market maker is integrating decentralized NFT marketplace Sudoswap to allow for efficient NFT swaps when it launches its NFT platform.

Zapper V2 is launched
The DeFi-capable on-chain analytics technology is now entering the NFT and DAO markets. According to a press statement, Zapper's new platform boasts more than 260 Web3 app connectors, and its services have already been used by 1 million customers since its introduction two years ago.

Superfluid Dashboard V2 released
With Dashboard V2, Superfluid's money streaming app, users can manage all of their streams and Super Tokens through a single interface that is independent of other apps.

Aave V3 has been deployed on the Goerli testnet
As per the guidance of the Ethereum foundation and major infrastructure providers, Ropsten will be deprecated along with Rinkeby so Aave has deployed Aave V3 on the Goerli testnet for the developers to continue testing.

zkSync 2.0 launching
Along with Polygon and Scroll Matter labs has also announced zkSync 2.0 which will be launching to Mainnet.

Synthetix sUSD bridge is live
The most popular stablecoin on the Optimism Foundation, sUSD, has improved and the sUSD bridge has been enabled. Users may now transfer sUSD between Ethereum Mainnet and Optimism, and users are allowed to transfer in both directions.

Scroll is releasing the pre-alpha version for external testers
After working closely with the PrivacyScaling team at the Ethereum Foundation for more than a year to develop zkEVM-based zkRollup, Scroll is now releasing the pre-alpha version of it accessible for external testers.

Umbria network announces Arbitrum bridging
Arbitrum bridging has been announced by Umbria Network. Umbria is expanding its presence in the Arbitrum ecosystem and collaborating closely with OffchainLabs to support the onboarding of new customers to this innovative layer 2 scaling solution.

Lido announces layer-2 expansion
A popular crypto-staking service provider Lido Finance has announced a few plans to expand staked Ether (stETH) support across the ecosystem of Ethereum layer-2 networks.

Sismo released the Ethereum Power Users ZK Badge
In order to manage access while maintaining the privacy and aggregating reputation, the Sismo Protocol issues ZK attestations and ZK badges.

Tech Update

  • Open pull requests for new proposals

Podcasts & Videos

Lodestar & The Merge
What is the Merge, The Merge in memes, Big Value Adds of the Merge, Lodestar, MEV boosted, and many other topics were discussed in this video.

Nethermind & The Merge
In this video, they covered a variety of topics, including Nethermind History, the Nethermind Core Team, EIP-5133, People of TheMerge, and many others.

The Network State
In this video, they talk about crypto and Balaji Srinivasan's newly published book.

Merge vs. Macro
They welcomed Travis Kling, the founder of Ikigai Asset Management, and they discussed the Ethereum ecosystem, what it means for cryptocurrencies, and many other topics with him.

Speed Run Ethereum
They spoke with Austin Griffith about Speed Run Ethereum, setting goals in this field, how and why he became an educator, and his tips for being optimistic in this episode.

Blockchain Events

Future Events

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