Ethereum Merge Kiln Testnet

Steps to connect the wallet, collect test ETH, and make a simple transaction on Ethereum Merge Kiln testnet!

Ethereum Merge Kiln Testnet

Kiln, The Merge public testnet is now live!. #TestingTheMerge is a Ethereum Community Initiative started by Marius van der Wijden and Parithosh Jayanthi to test The Merge.

Kiln, in simple words, means an oven, a furnace used for burning, baking, or drying something, especially one for firing pottery, calcining limestone, or baking bricks. In the context of Ethereum blockchain, it represents the testing of the Merge upgrade where developers want to thoroughly test before the mainnet release. The first public testnet, Kintsugi, was released about 3 months back, which helped setting up the ground. The popular fuzzer issue was a good learning experience for the enhancement in specs. If interested in learning more about Kintsugi, checkout blog and explanatory videos to join the Kintsugi testnet.

Table of Contents
1. How is Kiln Testnet Different from Kintsugi?
2. FAQs
3. How to Connect to Kiln with Metamask? {One-Click}
4. How to Connect to Kiln with Metamask? {Manual}
5. How to Get Funds from the Faucet?
6. How to Do a Transaction in Kiln Testnet?

How is Kiln Testnet Different from Kintsugi?

Kiln is most likely the last public testnet that we will have before the merging of existing public testnets like Rinkeby, Ropsten, Goerli, and Sepoilla starts. One of the major changes introduced in Kiln Testnet is the implementation of JWT based authentication, so now between the Engine API and the Consensus Layer there is an added layer of authentication. There will be a long Proof of Work phase so that whoever wants to join can run their miners, deploy all of their contracts, and actually see what happens during the transition.


How long will Kiln Testnet run?

Kiln Testnet will run until there are no breaking changes. If the spec is doing great with none of the client teams having any more requests or there are no more edge cases, then even if it runs for a shorter duration, that's enough.

How likely are spec changes to occur after Kiln v2?

Unless the team or developers are not able to find any major changes, then it's just going to be minor changes introduced after Kiln v2.

What is the Role of public offering like Kurtosis & Chaos engineering in the Merge?

Kurtosis is an ethereum merge module with its own github repo and we can write tests for it so if anyone is interested in getting involved writing tests using that module it will be very impactful. Chaos engineering is very impactful but will be very helpful in future. To know more about it, Click here.

This guide is an attempt to demonstrate the steps explained to set up your machine to join the Kiln testnet.


How to Connect to Kiln with Metamask? {One click method}

In this section we will see the first method to connect Kiln with Metamask.

  • Step 2: Click on Add network to Metamask.

  • Step 3: A notification will pop-up and then Click on Approve.

  • Step 4: Click on Switch Network.

  • Step 5: Now Go to Metamask, Click on Networks to check if Kiln is added or not. In the image below, we can see that Kiln is added.

How to Connect to Kintsugi with Metamask? {Manual method}

In this section we will see the second method to connect Kintsugi with Metamask.

  • Step 1: Go to Metamask. Click on Networks and then Click on Add Network.

  • Step 2: A notification will pop-up and We have put the following parameters.
  1. Name: Kiln
  2. RPC-URL:
  3. Chain-ID: 1337802
  4. Currency Symbol: ETH
  5. Block Explorer URL:

  • Step 3: Click on Save and A notification will pop-up.

  • Step 4: Now Go to Metamask, Click on Networks to check if Kiln is added or not. In the image below, we can see that Kiln is added.

How to Get Funds from the Faucet?

In this section we will see how to get funds from faucet.

  • Step 2: Verify Captcha at the bottom of the page, Enter the address to receive funds and Click on Request Funds.

  • Step 3: We will see a screen loading for 5-10 seconds.

  • Step 4: Our Transaction is successful and funds are transferred.

  • Step 5: We can see our funds in the Metamask.

How to Do a Transaction in Kiln Testnet??

In this section we will transfer some ETH from Account 1(0x174B08dE0874bc35B9637e131C7471A379300eE8) to Account 2(0xC6E5EDB90e49111a3D83Ca3D6501990250d176B3) in Kiln Testnet.

  • Step 1: Go to the Metamask Wallet and then Click on Send.

  • Step 2: Now Copy the Address of Account 2 and Paste. Now we can transfer any amount we want from the available assets. Here we will transfer 10 ETH. Click on Next.

  • Step 3: Now we will see the estimated gas fees. Click on Confirm.

  • Step 4: It will take 2-3 seconds to transfer and then We can see our funds in the Metamask are deducted.

  • Step 5: We can see our transaction in the Transaction Explorer. Here is the link to our transaction. Account 2 (0xC6E5EDB90e49111a3D83Ca3D6501990250d176B3) has also received the funds.

  • Step 6: Here is the link of our final transaction.

Join the Kiln Testnet today!




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