EtherWorld Weekly July 10, 2022

Sepolia Testnet Merged, ethOS first build launched, Vauld halts all operations, Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 was successful, and many more news and project updates are covered in today's newsletter and to help you expand your knowledge we've also included a few podcasts.

EtherWorld Weekly July 10, 2022



Ethereum news

ethOS first build launched
An operating system designed natively for crypto is called ethOS. It was introduced by an organization called Ethereum Phone, who contend that a centralised operating system is incompatible with a decentralised web.

Sepolia Testnet Merged
On 6th July Sepolia testnet got merged at TTD of 17000000000000000 which was achieved at block 1450408, last PoW block. There were some minor issues which got resolved quickly and the merge was finalized.

Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 was successful
Nethermind has tweeted about and informed that Mainnet-Shadow-Fork-8 was successful and wholesome block production is seen on Nethermind nodes and other client teams.

Mainnet-shadow-fork-9 announced
Mainnet-shadow-fork-9 has been announced and TTD is planned on July 14 to test MEV-boost.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin 35
SSV DAO to Distribute $10M in Grants, Immutable X Will Allow Ether-to-Dollar Withdrawals, U.S. Bank Will Connect with MakerDAO To Borrow $100 Million, Reddit Will Launch NFTs On Polygon, Aave is launching a stablecoin, Aztec Launches First Ever Private DeFi, Celsius gets sued

Ethereum Bulletin 34
Sepolia has successfully merged, EFDevconnect 2022 resources, AMA organised by EF on July 7 ethOS1.0 launched, Exchange volumes in India dropped by almost 50% after the implementation of a 1% tax, Nexo offers to buy Vauld, Austrian Post launched a new product category called Crypto stamp art (CSA)

Ethereum Bulletin 33
ETH offramp available now, ZigZag InvisibL3, A Traditional Bank Is Being Brought to Maker's Ecosystem, HTC launched the metaverse phone, Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 was successful, HackFS by ETHGlobal, Beta Version Wallet Analyzooor

Ethereum Bulletin 32
Sepolia testnet is going to merge tomorrow, Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 on July 5, Vitalik’s approaches to cap validator set size argues , Optimism is Migrating From Kovan to Goerli ,FTX signs deal that could buy BlockFi for $240 million, Eth2 staking deposits dashboard

World News

US Treasury designed the Framework for International Crypto Regulation
A fact sheet describing how it might collaborate with international regulators to address the cryptocurrency industry was released by the US Treasury Department.

Binance enters the Spain market
The Bank of Spain has authorized Binance to operate in Spain as a Virtual Asset Services Provider (VASP). In accordance with the AML & CTF regulations of the central bank, this will enable Binance to offer crypto asset exchange & custody in Spain.

Owners of crypto are suspended from working on US Government crypto policies
Any employee who owns crypto is prohibited from working on Federal crypto regulation, according to a recent legal advice notice from the US Office of Government Ethics.

Celsius gets sued amidst Ponzi scheme allegations
KeyFi Inc, a DeFi staking software developing firm, has filed a lawsuit against embattled crypto lending company Celsius Network over allegations of fraud while also alleging that the firm operated in a Ponzi-like manner.

Vauld halts trading, deposits, and withdrawals
In a very recent statement, Vauld announced that it has halted trading, deposits, and withdrawals due to the negative market trend.

Argentina Inflation rate
In May 2022, the annual inflation rate in Argentina increased for the fourth consecutive month, rising from 58 percent the previous month to 60.7 percent, which was slightly higher than market expectations.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned
After the most recent ethical controversy involving his leadership culminated in the resignation of 50 senior legislators, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned.

UK to Introduce Legislation on Stablecoins
According to a statement from the UK Treasury, stablecoin regulation for payment purposes is acceptable. Only stablecoins backed by fiat currencies would be taken into consideration; algorithmic stablecoins would be excluded due to their lack of stability.

Russian State Duma adopts legislation banning payments made using digital assets
A bill banning the use of digital financial assets in payments was approved by the lower house of the Russian parliament. Exchange operators have been required to reject transactions that would enable the use of these assets as a form of payment in order to enforce the prohibition.

Voyager files for bankruptcy
The most recent cryptocurrency company to file for bankruptcy is Voyager Digital. According to documents posted, the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Southern District of New York.

Voyager Delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange
Trading in Voyager Digital shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange was suspended on Wednesday. According to an update released on the TSX website, Voyager, which trades under the ticker VOYG, is now the subject of a delisting review.

Projects Update

Reddit Will Launch NFTs On Polygon
One of the most popular social media platform Reddit will launch a new feature called Collectible Avatars. These blockchain-backed items are NFTs running on Ethereum’s second-layer scalability solution Polygon.

Aztec Connect Launched
Aztec Network Launches First Ever Private DeFi Solution for Ethereum, Aztec Connect. Aztec Connect is live on mainnet, enabling private DeFi on Ethereum for the first time ever.

AAVE introduced GHO
GHO, a native decentralized stablecoin backed by collateral and pegged to USD, is what Aave Companies is proposing to the DAO.

200K ETH staked on Rocketpool and the Redstone upgrade
Rocket Pool is an Ethereum 2.0 staking pool. The protocol aims to increase the decentralization and security of Ethereum by lowering the hardware and cash requirements for staking on ETH 2.0.

A Traditional Bank Brought to Maker's Ecosystem
In its first proposal, the MakerDAO community wants to integrate a traditional bank into its ecosystem. A proposal to include Huntingdon Valley Bank's 100 million DAI debt ceiling participation facility as a vault is up for consideration among the MakerDAO community.

Nexon will launch its lending protocol
To enable the transparent lending of crypto assets on-chain, Nexon Finance will launch its Transparent Lending protocol on zkSync.

PoolTogether live on Optimism
The much-awaited Layer 2 summer has arrived, and PoolTogether will soon be arriving in Optimism. It will lower gas prices and enable users to make financial savings.

Optimism is Migrating From Kovan to Goerli Testnet
The Optimism team has begun the process of moving their testnet from Kovan to Goerliin order to prevent interruptions on a network that is no longer being actively maintained.

ETH offramp available now
Any developer developing a platform using ImmutableX can now use the ETH offramp. Developers may provide their consumers the option of selling L2 ETH and having the money deposited directly to their bank accounts.

ZigZag InvisibL3
ZigZag InvisibL3 is an order-book exchange that natively integrates privacy while maintaining atomic swaps, enabling users to preserve their anonymity on-chain and take full advantage of ZK Rollups' full scalability.

Kucoin became GeckcoCon's Gold Sponsor
KuCoin has announced that they are Gold Sponsor of GeckcoCon by CoinGecko.

Tech Update

Podcasts & Videos

Erigon & TheMerge
They covered topics like Erigon's distinctive features, Erigon2, Checkpoint sync, Nimbu and Erigon, and many others in this episode of PEEPanEIP.

Tim Beiko: Ethereum Foundation
Unpacking Ethereum's governance, the Ethereum client ecosystem, the present condition of the testnet landscape, and many other topics were discussed in this podcast.

UMA & Across Protocol
They talked about decentralised finance, cryptocurrency, UMA, and a few protocols in this episode.

Collective Decision Making
The president of RadicalxChange, Matt Prewitt, was invited to speak on this episode of Green Pill on building radical markets—using markets in new contexts with new operating principles.

The Crypto Revolution
They discuss the crypto revolution in this episode with Josh Rosenthal.

Blockchain Events

Future Events

Job listing


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