EtherWorld Weekly: October 30, 2022

Shandong: Pre-Shanghai Testnet, How Polygon is helping Blockchain Movement in India, SEBA launch regulated custody for Ethereum blue-chip NFTs, Ethereum Bulletins, Ethereum’s On-Trend Supply Appears To Be Dropping

EtherWorld Weekly: October 30, 2022


Tech Articles

Shandong: Pre-Shanghai Testnet

Shandong Testnet is a Pre-Shanghai Testnet. This experimental testnet will run in cooperation between EF JavaScript Team and EF DevOps Team. A set of selected Shanghai-considered EIPs is selected for early client testing on this Testnet. Gajinder Singh from EF JavaScript Team and Paritosh Jayanthi from EF Devops Team are the core developers behind Shandong Testnet.

Ethereum News

How Polygon is helping Blockchain Movement in India?

Uttar Pradesh Police has launched India's first police complaint portal on Polygon. The Polygon Supernet for UP Police is managed by Airchains, a middleware SaaS which enables users to run their blockchain network with customizable features. StaTwig, a Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Solution using Polygon Blockchain, is working with Women Development & Child Welfare (WD&CW), Government of Telangana. Flipkart has partnered with Polygon-incubated eDAO to launch Flipverse, a metaverse space where consumers can visit and discover products in a virtual destination and shop accordingly from Flipkart App.

SEBA launch regulated custody for Ethereum blue-chip NFTs but Why?

SEBA bank has announced to offer a custody service specialised in NFTs. This particular service will help customers to hold Ethereum- based NFTs without the hassle of managing the private keys themselves. This makes SEBA to become the first regulated bank working with NFTs.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin #88

Voyager StarkStation is ready,Ethereum will skip one unix timestamp says proto.eth, 4 days to zkSync 2.0 on mainnet, Ethereum Protocol Fellowship officially starts next week, The doggos at TallyCash have enabled Arbitrum One support

Ethereum Bulletin #89

Update on Zeromev-Geth!, Layer 2 Grants round is open!, POAPathon SPOOKathon Happening today, Fuzzer running for 30 minutes without a crash, ETH is scaling!

Ethereum Bulletin #90

Teku v22.10.2 is out, the Pre-Shanghai network (Shandong) synced, the Shandong testnet has been restarted with a new genesis time, a New cohort of Ethereum protocol fellows, Polynomial commitment schemes are critical to Ethereum’s scaling solutions

World News

Ethereum’s On-Trend Supply Appears To Be Dropping

Ethereum’s on-trend supply has dropped to levels significantly in the last 30 days. According to Ultrasound money, Ethereum has remained deflationary for the past month.

Ethereum Whales Have Pocketed A Staggering $4,550,000,000 Worth Of ETH In A Month: Crypto Analytics Firm Santiment

Ethereum whales are busy accumulating ETH despite the ongoing bear market crunch. According to crypto analytics firm Santiment, Ethereum whales have collectively pocketed 3.3 million worth of ETH tokens in the past month.

BitMEX Co-Founder Arthur Hayes Believes Solana and Others Won’t Beat Ethereum Yet

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes has high hopes for Ethereum, saying that competitors like Solana would not beat it. Hayes is bullish on Ethereum because of the amount of development going on in its ecosystem, which he says is more important than transactions per second or lower gas fees. Ethereum does beat other networks on many comparisons. It holds 57% of the DeFi market share and has nearly 3,000 DApps.

The Reason Behind Ethereum Massive Rally In Price In the Last 24 Hours

Ether’s price has spiked by about 15% in 24 hours, with the crypto now hovering at around $1,532. Ether had been under $1,500 for over a month. CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam recently said that he didn’t think Ether was a security. This could have contributed to the price bump. Ether bulls also appear to be taking over. One whale moved 320,000 ETH last week, and shortly after Ether’s price jumped.

Project Update

Consensus specs v1.3.0-alpha.0: adds withdrawal test vectors


  • Withdrawals (Capella)
    • Remove fully_withdrawn_epoch field from Validator.
    • Add validator_index to Withdrawal.
  • Sharding and 4844
    • Introduce bytes_to_bls_field helper.
    • Fix bit_reversal_permutation helper's comment.
    • Update ExecutionPayload with EIP-4844 fee market changes.
    • Fix the notes of P2P-interface and the typo of validator guide.
    • Fix type annotation.
    • EIP4844: couple beacon block and blob sidecar for p2p.

Flashbot’s sync-proxy: beacon node requests proxied to multiple execution layer clients

sync-proxy is lightweight proxy between beacon nodes and execution-layer clients to improve reliability and simplicity of execution client synchronization. It enables a group of beacon nodes to drive a group of execution-layer clients in a redundant and performant way. By using a group of beacon nodes instead of one, it mitigates issues from any single beacon node. Moreover, it removes the need for adding a beacon node to every execution-layer client. The sync proxy accepts connections from multiple beacon nodes. It attempts to use the beacon node with the highest slot number from a custom json rpc request in our prysm fork.

Tech Update

Consensus layer clients:


zkSync Launches V2 Baby Alpha Mainnet

zkSync launches its V2 upgrade to mainnet baby alpha, L2Beat releases an activity tracking dashboard, Twitter tests a new NFT marketplace listing feature, and DeFi Saver releases a Liquity Trove explorer.

Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine

LooksRare introduces zero royalty trading, Google Cloud launches a node hosting service, Hop Protocol adds support for Synthetix bridging, and ENS partners with UTU Protocol.

Compound Pauses Low Liquidity Tokens

Compound Pauses low liquidity tokens, Armada Network unveils its decentralized frontend platform, the Arbitrum Nova block explorer is now live, and Polynomial shuts down its Gamma Vault.


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