Ethereum Bulletin #90

Teku v22.10.2 is out, the Pre-Shanghai network (Shandong) synced, the Shandong testnet has been restarted with a new genesis time, a New cohort of Ethereum protocol fellows, Polynomial commitment schemes are critical to Ethereum’s scaling solutions

Ethereum Bulletin #90


Teku v22.10.2 is out!

Teku v22.10.2 is now available. This is a recommended upgrade containing bug fixes and optimizations.

Additions and Improvements:

  • Enabled a new framework for REST API with better performance and less memory usage.
  • The new framework does not cause any breaking changes, however, if needed the old version can be restored with --Xrest-api-migrated-enabled=false.
  • Updated jackson-databind library to version addressing CVE-2022-42003

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where /readiness endpoint returned 200 when Execution Client was not available.

Pre-Shanghai network (Shandong) synced!

Shandong testnet has been restarted with a new genesis time

Shandong testnet has been restarted with a new genesis time at 1666736008, Tue Oct 25, 2022, 22:13:28 UTC. EIP-3450 consensus issues have been fixed and major services are up and running again (explorer, faucet).

New cohort of Ethereum protocol fellows

Polynomial commitment schemes are critical to Ethereum’s scaling solutions.

A polynomial commitment scheme is a scheme in which a party can commit to a polynomial p(x), and can then prove its evaluation at any arbitrary point. Evaluations can be verified using only the commitment and the proof - the polynomial itself need not be revealed. zk-Rollups represent computation as polynomials and represent the computation’s validity as particular mathematical relations that the polynomials must satisfy. These polynomials are committed to, and their satisfaction with the mathematical relations can be proved via evaluation proofs.

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