How Polygon is helping Blockchain Movement in India?

Firozabad Police Department, Government of Telangana, Flipkart Metaverse

How Polygon is helping Blockchain Movement in India?

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Firozabad Police Department

Uttar Pradesh Police has launched India's first police complaint portal on Polygon. The Polygon Supernet for UP Police is managed by Airchains, a middleware SaaS which enables users to run their blockchain network with customizable features.

It provides a toolset to "build, deploy, and grow DApps", and the tools it gives cover a large portion of the services developers would typically have to build themselves. This includes analytics, databases, smart contracts, and IPFS/ Filecoin. The services are hosted in the cloud and scale with little to no effort on the developer's part.

A First Information Report (FIR) going on the blockchain means that complaints will be:

  • Easy to raise
  • Verifiable
  • Immutable

Thus, complaints can never be manipulated, which eliminates corruption. Moreover, victims do not have to keep visiting the police station. Instead, victims can raise a complaint from home at policecomplaintonblockchain and track the status of the investigation. Grievances can be lodged anywhere and will land in concerned stations to which the grievances prevail. Further, once a grievance is registered, the system generates a unique token number and auto-generates acknowledgment through SMS & email.

Government of Telangana

StaTwig, a Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Solution using Polygon Blockchain, is working with Women Development & Child Welfare (WD&CW), Government of Telangana. WD&CW Telangana focuses on the comprehensive evolution of women and children. They have launched the most extensive outreach programme called the Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) to accomplish this aim. The programme includes:

  • Pre-School Non-Formal Education
  • Supplemental Nutrition
  • Vaccinations
  • Health checks
  • Referral services

StaTwig's supply chain management tool, WCW Ledger on Polygon, ensures real-time visibility and traceability of the entire operation. 2.5MN pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers & children (0-6 years) are now registered to the programme across ~35.7K centers in the state. WCWLedger connects all the various stakeholders across multiple stages with just one app. Key Features of WCW Ledger are:

  • Serialization - QR Code-Based Product Traceability
  • Real-Time Indents Traceability
  • Daily Utilization - Commodity Wise Consumption Tracking
  • Real-Time Track and Trace of Shipments.
  • Advanced Inventory Reporting Tool

Here is the link of the App on Google Play Store.

Flipkart Metaverse

Flipkart has partnered with Polygon-incubated eDAO to launch Flipverse, a metaverse space where consumers can visit and discover products in a virtual destination and shop accordingly from Flipkart App. It helps in bridging the best of the online and offline shopping experience by:

  • Offering brands a new way to tell their story
  • Connect to shoppers at a more personal level

Flipverse wants to craft unique shopping experiences for consumers by giving them access to their favorite brands, discounts, Super Coins, and digital collectibles.

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