Ethereum Bulletin #89

Update on Zeromev-Geth!, Layer 2 Grants round is open!, POAPathon SPOOKathon Happening today, Fuzzer running for 30 minutes without a crash, ETH is scaling!

Ethereum Bulletin #89


Update on Zeromev-Geth!

Zeromev test validators have self-built 10 blocks.These contained zero sandwiches😇and 2 arbs.For comparison, the blocks preceding each contained 3 sandwiches👿and also 2 arbs in total.

Results so far:

  • No sandwiching
  • Arbs still permitted
  • No censoring builder

Layer 2 Grants round is open!

The Ethereum Foundation seeks proposals for tools, analysis, research, and education on layer 2 rollups.


The submission deadline is in six weeks. DMs are open if you have questions!

POAPathon SPOOKathon Happening today

Fuzzer running for 30 minutes without a crash.

Fuzzer has been running for 30 minutes without a crash and The next round of testing is starting soon!

ETH is scaling!

Ethereum L2s are doing way more transactions daily than Bitcoin and the Lightning network combined.

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