Ethereum Bulletin #88

Voyager StarkStation is ready,Ethereum will skip one unix timestamp says proto.eth, 4 days to zkSync 2.0 on mainnet, Ethereum Protocol Fellowship officially starts next week, The doggos at TallyCash have enabled Arbitrum One support

Ethereum Bulletin #88


Voyager StarkStation is ready!

Voyager StarkStation is ready! It provides features like Fee tracking, transaction tracking, block tracking, and comparison between Starknet and Ethereum metrics, both for mainnet and goerli. Starkstation is still Alpha so a lot more is coming.

Ethereum will skip one unix timestamp says proto.eth

According to proto.eth tomorrow we will hit UNIX timestamp 1666666666. But Ethereum will go from 1666666655 to 1666666667, off by one since a new block is produced every 12 sec.

4 days to zkSync 2.0 on mainnet

With just days left until zkSync's mainnet launch, they’re excited to see so many projects joining the zkEVM revolution by launching on their platform. GetBlockWallet announced that the zkSync 2.0 testnet has now been added to the list of default networks for their privacy-first, self-custodial Web3 wallet. MintSquareNFT’s NFT marketplace is now live on the zkSync 2.0 testnet, and the team outlined some new features now available to users. AutomataNetwork confirmed that 1RPC, their free RPC relay that has privacy-protected over 600 million requests to date, will continue to support zkSync 2.0 after their mainnet launch.

Ethereum Protocol Fellowship officially starts next week!

Ethereum Protocol Fellowship officially starts next week! If you are interested in participating, join the first Office Hours call on Tuesday
The program is happening in the public, you can read dev updates and notes from participants and attend calls. It is there exactly to inspire people who would like to learn even if they are not yet able to contribute.

The doggos at TallyCash have enabled Arbitrum One support!

Tally Ho now comes with full arbitrum support!


  • View your Arbitrum NFTs
  • Bridge assets
  • Swap in-wallet (powered by 0xProject)
  • No manual RPC setup necessary!

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