Ethereum Bulletin #41

Ethereum Penalties post-merge, zkEVM scalability in the future Polygon’s zkEVM is rolling out in 4 days, Nitro Görli testnet for Arbitrum Rollup is now live, DiversiFi’s rebrand to Rhino_fi, Circle’s $USDC transparency report U.S. Treasury invites public to provide input on crypto order

Ethereum Bulletin #41


Ethereum Penalties post-merge

Ethereum pools have shared a thread including all the penalties that can be imposed on the nodes after Eth2.0 goes live. The thread includes explanations about-

-What are the penalties?

-Why penalties?

-What are the different types of penalties?

-How to avoid them?

zkEVM scalability in the future

It's clear now that zero-knowledge technology is the endgame for many things- Pseudotheos has shared a short thread explaining the scalability of the zkEVM below.

Polygon's zkEVM is rolling out in 4 days

The new upgrade will be packed with these features

  • EVM-equivalent solution for frictionless experience for Devs and Users.
  • Highly Performant zk-proofs.
  • Ethereum security.

Nitro Görli testnet for Arbitrum Rollup is now live

Arbitrum's new Görli testnet for Arbitrum Rollup is now live, and they'll be migrating their Rinkeby testnet to Nitro this month. Take time to make preparations, and get ready for Nitro! View the Nitro Migration notes here. See the new testnet info in these docs!

DiversiFi's upgrade & rebrand to Rhino\_fi

DiversiFi has recently rebranded itself as RhinoFi and aims at bringing you all the best DeFi opportunities on a single multi-chain platform.

"We're no longer just a #DEX. We're a frictionless #Layer2 gateway to multi-chain DeFi."- RhinoFi

Circle's $USDC transparency report

In an effort to increase transparency and disclosure surrounding USDC, Circlepay's co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire, has published the first monthly breakdown of the USDC reserve assets by each and every Treasury Bond as well as a list of cash reserve custodians. You can read the issuancehere.

U.S. Treasury invites public to provide input on President Biden's crypto order

Federal Register :: Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets; Request for Comment

In accordance with Executive Order 14067, "Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets," dated March 9, 2022, the aforementioned notification requests comments from interested members of the public. The Department specifically seeks feedback, information, and suggestions regarding the effects of the creation and use of digital assets, as well as modifications to the payment and financial market infrastructures, on American consumers, investors, businesses, and equitable economic growth.

You can submit your input here.

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