Ethereum Bulletin #42

Goerli merge is tentatively scheduled for Aug 10, Merge Community Call #6, Goerli and Prater Testnet Merge, The Merge client release strategies, Rocket Pool: the scaling, Sismo released the Ethereum Power Users ZK Badge , Synthetix V3

Ethereum Bulletin #42


Goerli merge is tentatively scheduled for Aug 10

For the Goerli merge, Tim Beiko, a member of the Ethereum Foundation, suggested a total terminal difficulty of 10,790,000. Given that Bellatrix is set to release on August 4, 2022, we should anticipate hitting TTD between August 9 and 11; if the difficulty per block was at its lowest point in the previous 1 million blocks, we'd hit it a few days later, around August 13.

Click here to read thegithub repository.

Merge Community Call #6

Community Call #6 is Aug 12th @ 1400 UTC.

Zoom Link

Discussion topics

  • Goerli updates
  • CL client balance (prysm to lighthouse)
  • post-Merge testnets
  • block times go from ~13s to exactly 12s. may impact lending protocols and how they calculate annual rates (use timestamps)
  • setting fee recipient: tx fees go to validator address on the Execution layer: see here
  • Validators need to run both Execution and Consensus clients - and diversity matters for both EL and CL clients: guides here

Goerli and Prater Testnet Merge

Prater is a beacon chain testnet that can be used to verify whether a setup is ready for deployment on Ethereum beacon chain mainnet. It also ensures that users can practice node operations such as adding and removing validators, migrations between clients etc. Goerli testnet is planned to be merged with the Prater Proof-of-Stake beacon chain testnet. This will ensure the end of the permissioned PoA phase and everyone will be able to run as a validator for Goerli-Prater testnet, post merge which is expected to happen around August 10.

Read the blog post here to learn more about the chains.

The Merge client release strategies

Ethereum public testnets are currently being merged as part of #TestingtheMerge, only Goerli remains to be merged and this will happen very soon. Therefore, Tim Beiko from the Ethereum Foundation, who facilitates the core developer calls, briefedthree client release merge deploymentstrategies. The Ethereum mainnet merge is scheduled to occur after the Goerli testnet merge.

  1. Bundling Bellatrix and the true TTD in a single release
  2. Dual release - first release huge TTD and when Bellatrix is live then true TTD release
  3. Single Release & TTD Override like in Ropsten

The whole discussion is covered in the blogpost here.

Rocket Pool: the scaling

A fully Ethereum-based, decentralised, permissionless, non-rent-seeking liquid staking protocol, Rocket Pool. Staking as a Service, integrated solo staker migration, and less ETH-bonded minipools are all being introduced in order to enable the pool expand rapidly and compete with Lido on a large scale. The three scaling solutions are thoroughly examined and described in this Twitter discussion.

Sismo released the Ethereum Power Users ZK Badge

In order to manage access while maintaining privacy and aggregating reputation, the Sismo Protocol issues ZK attestations and ZK badges. They conducted the their first experiments with novel voting and governance systems based on reputation and privacy protection. Using the link provided in the tweet below, you can learn more about the process and obtain your ZK badge.

Synthetix V3:transforming the protocol into a permissionless derivatives platform

Synthetix is a new financial primitive that enables the creation of synthetic assets, provides distinctive derivatives and exposure to real-world assets on the blockchain. They have recently released Synthetix V3, which can accomplish what Synthetix was unable to by turning the protocol into a permissionless derivatives platform.

Their long-term vision for V3

  1. Permissionless asset creation

  2. "Liquidity as a Service" - Synthetix will be a liquidity service to build on to increase liquidity rapidly.

  3. Better control of credit for stakers - choose what you collateralize

Read more

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