Ethereum Bulletin #44

Goerli Shadow Fork 5 configs are out, Synthetix sUSD bridge is live, Scroll is releasing the pre-alpha version for external testers, Umbria network announces Arbitrum bridging, Polygon introduced first zkEVM L2 solution, Devcon Scholars Program Returns

Ethereum Bulletin #44


Goerli Shadow Fork 5 configs are out

Goerli Shadow Fork 5 configs are released and TTD is planned on 21 July.

Synthetix sUSD bridge is live

The most popular stablecoin on the Optimism Foundation, sUSD, has improved and the sUSD bridge has been enabled. Users may now transfer sUSD between Ethereum Mainnet and Optimism, and users are allowed to transfer in both directions.

All sUSD transfers must be carried out through direct contract interactions. To make transferring sUSD between chains simple, a guide has been prepared.

Step 1: Approve sUSD to be bridged by the Synthetix Bridge contract on Optimism
Step 2: Write and call “initiateSynthTransfer” on the Synthetix Bridge Contract
Step 3: Write the transaction and wait for confirmation

Scroll is releasing the pre-alpha version for external testers

After working closely with the PrivacyScaling team at the Ethereum Foundation for more than a year to develop zkEVM-based zkRollup, Scroll is now releasing the pre-alpha version of it accessible for external testers.

The first release will run on a privately managed PoA fork of the Ethereum testnet L1 run by Scroll. Early adopters and developers will have the first opportunity to engage with Scroll's infrastructure and test out dapp workflows on the pre-alpha testnet. They will loosen some of the performance-driven constraints as they scale the node architecture and add more testers.

Umbria network announces Arbitrum bridging

Arbitrum bridging has been announced by Umbria Network. Umbria is expanding its presence in the Arbitrum ecosystem and collaborating closely with OffchainLabs to support the onboarding of new customers to this innovative layer 2 scaling solution.

Umbria offers the quickest, most affordable bridging option; anybody can transport assets between the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks very rapidly and affordably due to Umbria's Narni Bridge. Bridge liquidity pools from Ethereum to Arbitrum and/or Arbitrum to Ethereum to earn fees.

Polygon introduced first zkEVM L2 solution

A significant advancement in ZK innovation and Ethereum scalability has been announced by Polygon. Polygon released the first ZK L2-equivalent EVM, zkEVM.

Using ZK proofs, developers may deploy any Ethereum smart contract to a Layer 2 that scales forever. Any Ethereum software or dApp may be utilized in the exact same way on a zkEVM. Users and developers alike benefit from ZK proofs' futuristic features while also enjoying Ethereum's decentralization, security, and familiarity.

The performance of Polygon's ZK teams has considerably improved, and proof generation times have been reduced. By doing this, Polygon zkEVM is now ready for utilization, and users will see significantly lower prices and faster performance. Users may deploy any Ethereum smart contract and develop on Polygon zkEVM in the same way they do on Ethereum. Any toolset that is compatible with Ethereum is also compatible with Polygon zkEVM.

Devcon Scholars Program Returns

Ethereum has announced the reintroduction of the Devcon Scholars Program, an initiative that assists crucial Ethereum developers in overcoming difficulties so they may attend Devcon. The Devcon Scholars Program provides full accommodation to make Devcon more accessible for 50 individuals who have the potential to make a significant impact on Ethereum and its community but are unable to attend without assistance, monetary or otherwise.

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