Ethereum Bulletin #43

Lido announces L2 expansion, amazon.eth domain offer, Aave and Pocket Network, Lido opens vote, Gemini registered as VASP, Premint Hack, ConsenSys's new token

Ethereum Bulletin #43


ConsenSys's new token enables security audits for the highest bidder

ConsenSys, an Ethereum-focused blockchain software company, is set to tokenize smart contract and security auditing services through the upcoming auction of eight “timeboxed” TURN tokens.

TURN, short for Time-Unit Representative NFTs, will create an open marketplace for security auditing services, which are in high demand in the burgeoning blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

ConsenSys Diligence will offer eight weeks of services, tokenized in eight NFTs, which consist of five working days each. Auctions will start at 100,000 DAI ($99,995) and have a cut-off date by which the NFTs must be redeemed.

ENS domain amazon.eth has an offer of $1M on it

An anonymous bidder offered the owner of the Amazon.eth domain name $1 million for its ownership. This comes after recent sales for Samsung.eth and Starbucks.eth, which both sold for 60 Ethereum.

If the owner of Amazon.eth accepts the offer, it will be a record sale for ENS domain names.

Currently, the bidding is happening at

Lido announces layer-2 expansion

A popular crypto staking service provider Lido Finance has announced few plans to expand staked Ether (stETH) support across the ecosystem of Ethereum layer-2 networks.

the Lido team noted that it would initially begin by supporting Ether (ETH) staking via bridges to L2s using wrapped stETH (wstETH). Moving forward, it will eventually enable users to stake directly on the L2s “without the need to bridge their assets back” to the Ethereum mainnet.

“There are several types of L2s. We believe that in the future, a large portion (if not a majority) of economic activity and transaction volume will migrate to both general use and purpose-specific Layer 2 networks.” - Lido Team

Lido Announces Vote Opening to sell 2% of the total LDO

Lido DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization of the largest provider of staking services for Ethereum, has opened a vote and plans to sell 2% of the total LDO, which comes up to 20 million LDO, at a price of $1.45.

The DAO is also taking timeliness into account due to market volatility. As a result, they aim to finalize the terms via Snapshot vote immediately to execute the deal in the coming week.

This proposal is looking to secure ~2 years of operating runway for Lido DAO, in stable coins. This will ensure Lido and its core contributors are able to continue the important work needed for the protocol in the long term and to flourish as an autonomous, self-governing collective. - Lido Team

Aave taps Pocket Network to put up decentralized app development

Aave (AAVE), a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol in the Ethereum Blockchain, is teaming up with decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider Pocket Network to offer developers increased scalability and ease of use when building decentralized applications (DApps) on the Aave Protocol.

This partnership will enable Aave to utilize Pocket’s distributed network of more than 44,000 nodes to access on-chain data from multiple blockchains.

The partnership also benefits developers building Aave-powered dApps, allowing them to access reliable blockchain data from Pocket Network on demand.

This agreement was funded through Aave Grants DAO.

Gemini Becomes First Company to Register as VASP in Ireland

VASP which stands for Virtual Asset Service Provider, is a platform used to buy, sell, exchange, or otherwise interact with the cryptocurrency market. In other words, VASPs are crypto exchanges.
Gemini is the first company to be registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) by the Central Bank of Ireland.

300+ NFTs Stolen and around $400K in Ethereum Taken In Premint Hack

On Sunday, hackers infiltrated a popular NFT registration platform Premint and stole around 320 NFTs and more than $400,000 in one of the biggest such hacks this year.

According to analysis by blockchain security firm CertiK, the hackers compromised the Premint website on Sunday with malicious JavaScript code. They then created a pop-up within the site that prompted users to verify their wallet ownership.

Multiple users quickly realized the pop-up was a fake and immediately took to Twitter and Discord to warn others not to follow its instructions. Even though, within minutes, the hackers had already duped several Premint customers.

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