EtherWorld Weekly July 17, 2022

Silkworm Ethereum Implementation, Myria is partnering with AB de Villiers, GameStop’s NFT Marketplace is Live now, and many more news and project updates are covered in today's newsletter and to help you expand your knowledge we've also included a few podcasts.

EtherWorld Weekly July 17, 2022



Ethereum news

Tentative Merge Timeline
In CL call 91, Tim Beiko suggested a Merge time-line:

  • Goerli/Prater client releases 27-28 July.
  • Prater Bellatrix on 8 August.
  • Goerli Merge on 11 August.
  • Bellatrix early September.
  • Merge two weeks later (around 19 September).

Highlights of Ethereum Consensus Layer meeting 91
In Consensus-layer Call 91, they've discussed about a few agendas like MSF9, issues related to Merge, TTD for Goerli, and more.

Silkworm Ethereum Implementation
Erigon Client has two implementations: Akula and Silkworm. Akula is the Rust implementation of the Erigon client while Silkworm is the C++ implementation. It aims to be the fastest Ethereum client while simultaneously maintaining high quality and readability of its code.

Highlights of the ACD Meeting 142
Issues over the Sepolia Merge, Flashbot and MEV, ACD meetings time change and more were a part of the ACD meet's discussion.

Goerli and Prater Testnet Merge
An overview on the Goerli Testnet, Its merge with Prater, Shadow forking & The Merge

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin 40
MSF9, Network States, Goerli-Prater Merge, Polygon to participate in Disney’s 2022 Accelerator Program, Metamask's 6th Anniversary, OpenSea slashes 20% jobs

Ethereum Bulletin 39
Consensus Layer call $91,Nethermind Contributor appreciation week, Lodestar setup guide, Gnosis Safe raise $100M and rebranded as Safe, Flashbots: Kings of The Mempool , Status has made fastest BLS signature implementations, Zapper V2 Beta testing is live now

Ethereum Bulletin 38
Vitalik responded a PoW proponent, Arbitrum introduces Arbitrum Nova Blackfridge releases a new stablecoin backed by the pound, Myria is partnering with AB de Villiers, GameStop’s NFT Marketplace is Live now, OKX introduced OKX Lite

Ethereum Bulletin 37
Busting some myths around staking , Protocol Guild Pilot proposes Nouns for funding, details about the Merge, Community call #5, Announcing the release of sudoAMM

Ethereum Bulletin 36
AllCoreDev meeting updates #012, Mainnet merge shadow fork 9, Global eye on cryptocurrency, Teller has launched a buy now, pay later service for NFTs, Voyager Digital files for bankruptcy, StarkNet is preparing for a regenesis

World News

Russian Bank executes first Digital Asset transaction
The blockchain platform with smart contracts was introduced by Sberbank. Sberbank used its own blockchain-based platform to complete the first transaction involving a digital financial asset.

Democrats in The senate are concerned about cryptocurrency mining activities
Senator Elizabeth Warren and several Democratic members of the US Congress have written to two government agencies concerning the impact of crypto mining on the nation because they are unhappy with the expansion of this activity.

Allison Herren Lee has stepped down
Allison Herren Lee, a U.S. SEC commissioner, has stepped down from her job.

Paraguay's Senate bill that allows Bitcoin miners to use the nation's excess energy
Paraguay's Senate passed a bill that allows Bitcoin miners to utilize the country’s excess energy at lower cost. It's possible that Paraguay may soon emerge as a major hub for Bitcoin mining operations.

Putin Signs Law Banning Crypto Payments
A regulation that was passed by Russian President Vladimir Putin specifically forbids the use of digital financial assets (DFA) and digital utility rights (DPR) as a form of payment in Russia.

CoinPayments Suspends Services In The US
CoinPayments, a global cryptocurrency payment gateway, joined the exit line as well. Recently, the site informed members via private emails that it will no longer be operating in the USA and recommended them to remove their monies before July 19.

OpenSea has reduced 20% of its manpower
One of the biggest market place in the NFT space, OpenSea, as cut 20% of its workforce to reduce costs in the face of a prolonged slump in digital asset markets
OpenSea has slumped in recent months as cryptocurrency prices plunged and investors became more risk averse in the face of high inflation, central bank rate hikes and recession fears.

NYDIG has partnered with the New York Yankees
The New York Yankees have collaborated with NYDIG to make it the team's official Bitcoin Payroll Platform.

Inflation reaches 40 years high
Inflation reaches 9.1%, the highest the US has seen in 40 years.

AEX announced the suspension of platform services
In order to fully comply with the police investigation, cryptocurrency exchange AEX says it will suspend platform services starting from 7:32 (UTC) on July 17, 2022, at the request of the Guangxi Police in China.

Projects Update

Myria is partnering with AB de Villiers
Myria is an ecosystem powered by Myria's Ethereum L2 scaling solution. Myria has announced their partnership with AB de Villiers in June. It will be the first mobile cricket game with celebrity backing to use play-and-earn blockchain features like NFTs. AB de Villiers' vision is to develop a fun, entertaining mobile cricket game that captures the excitement of playing the game on the field.

GameStop’s NFT Marketplace is Live now
After being in development since last year, GameStop's NFT marketplace is finally operational. The marketplace is a "non-custodial, Ethereum Layer 2-based marketplace," according to the company's statement which was released on Monday. In particular, the marketplace is built on Loopring.

MetaMask memorializes its sixth anniversary.
For the first time, the MetaMask team shares exclusive stories about its history and unique insights. In order to attract new users from international markets quickly, the launch of MetaMask Mobile in September 2020 played a crucial role.

OKX introduced OKX Lite
The lite version of the OKX platform has been released. Users will be able to use this to instantly buy, sell, trade, and send or receive cryptocurrency. On this platform, users can also observe market activity and participate in staking to earn extra.

Arbitrum introduces Arbitrum Nova
With a strong security guarantee, Arbitrum has introduced Arbitrum Nova - a new chain built on AnyTrust technology that is optimized for exceptionally low-cost transactions.

Blackfridge releases a new stablecoin
Pound Token, the first stablecoin in Britain that is fully backed 1:1 by pounds sterling (GBP), has been launched by Blackfridge. Poundtoken, with the ticker "GBPT", enables frictionless settlements and direct GBPT access to digital asset markets.

StarkNet is preparing for a regenesis
StarkNet is preparing for a regenesis on Ethereum Mainnet. After many updates and changes to the system, they will be relaunching a better version of StarkNet.

Public release of sudoAMM
Sudoswap's new marketplace protocol for NFT trading is called sudoAMM. It is totally on-chain, gas-efficient, and very versatile. Users can set up liquidity-providing pools that progressively buy or sell NFTs along price curves, directly list NFTs at fixed prices, and establish pools that do all of these things.

Gnosis Safe raise $100M and rebranded as Safe
With almost $40 billion in stored assets, Gnosis, now known as Safe, is a public good that is already enabling ownership at scale. It is used by top DAOs, organisations, businesses, and people to secure and coordinate value.

Status has made one of the fastest BLS signature implementations
BLS signatures provide integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation and are used in Ethereum 2.

Zapper V2 Beta testing is live now
You can contribute in the v2 beta testing if you hold any zapper NFTs from seasons 1 and 2 or a POAP from zapper community call 36.

Starkware faces backlash over token design
Ethereum's L2 scaling company StarkWare confirmed the rumors about the upcoming launch of the StarkNet token. The asset is aimed at enabling the project to operate a decentralized ecosystem and to create an effective mechanism to “direct its evolution”.

Tech Update

  • Open pull requests for new proposals

Podcasts & Videos

Prysm & The Merge
They covered topics like Prysm, Strengths of Prysm, Prysm v3, Bazel, and many others in this episode of PEEPanEIP.

Merge Community Call 5
Testnet updates, post-Merge testnets, CL client balance, and many other topics were discussed in this podcast.

Enzyme – The Future of Asset Management
They talked about transition from Melon to Enzyme, How does the Enzyme protocol works, Governance, and a few protocols in this episode.

GitcoinDAO Governance Evolution
They talked about Kevin welcomes Linda Xie, Gitcoin Steward, Executive Director of Gitcoin Foundation + Moonshot Collective Workstream Lead, Kris Decoodt, and a few protocols in this episode.

Is this the End?
They discuss about everything from whether we’re repeating history to what would turn this recession into a depression to whether or not.

Blockchain Events

  • Tim Beiko suggested a Merge client release time-line in the CL call 91.
  • As discussed in CL call 91, Mainnet Shadow Fork 9 is live now.

Future Events

Job listing


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