Ethereum Bulletin #48

Vitalik Buterin on Vyper, update on Akula, DApp node made changing clients really easy, Erigon’s new Alpha release, OP labs launched Drippie to secure optimism

Ethereum Bulletin #48


Vitalik Buterin on Vyper

Vyper is a contract-oriented, pythonic programming language that targets
the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Vitalik shared a tweet stating that
"Vyper is quietly continuing to progress and become a better and better
Ethereum high-level language."

An update on Akula

The most recent Erigon client implementation in Rust is called Akula.
Nearly twice as quickly as Erigon, Akula can synchronise an Ethereum
Full Archive Node (about 35 and a half hours)

DApp node made changing clients really easy

Martin Köppelmann, a co-founder of Gnosis, tweeted about the DApp node,
an operating system and piece of hardware that advances decentralisation
by simplifying the hosting of nodes and DApps. He mentioned how simple
it was for him to switch clients from Prysm to Teku. To find out more,
see the thread below.

Erigon's new Alpha release

In the 2022.07.03-alpha release, there are various things that got
updated you can see the official tweet below which states all things
that got changed.

OP labs launched Drippie to secure optimism

Drippie is a native conditional transaction solution for Ethereum that
minimises trust. It enables us to programme the collections of checks
and actions known as "drips" in Solidity. The majority of the daily
on-chain operations required by Optimism may be completed by this
straightforward yet effective model. Drips are used to regularly
transfer money between L1 and L2, to keep track of account balances, and
even to automatically cover Drippie's own transactions. The protocol is
covered in more detail below.

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