Ethereum Bulletin #46

Vitalik's EthCC talk, Polynya's blog post on '4844 and done', Zapper V2 is launched, Superfluid Dashboard V2 released, Aave V3 has been deployed on the Goerli testnet

Ethereum Bulletin #46


Vitalik's EthCC talk

At the Ethereum Community Conference in France Thursday, the Ethereum
co-founder shared his vision for future developments well beyond the
network's move to proof of stake. And, to top it all off, Buterin has
even given each of those planned upgrades rhyming names.

The Merge

The Surge

The Verge

The Purge

The Splurge

Yes, Vitalik Buterin introduced these terms at the beginning of the
conference. He believes that Ethereum will eventually go through five
stages. When Ethereum switches to Proof-of-Stake, it will be The Merge.
Sharding will be implemented as part of The Surge, allowing Ethereum to
reach 100,000 transactions per second. Verkle trees are introduced by
The Verge, which lowers the amount of data validator nodes must hold.
The hard disc space required for validators will require less after The
Purge. Implementing "all of the other enjoyable stuff" is what is
meant by The Splurge.

After The Merge, Vitalik Buterin estimates that Ethereum development is
only "55 percent complete," and he also stated that The Merge testing
is 90% complete.

To listen to the full talk click here.

Polynya's blog post on '4844 and done'

Polynya claimed that danksharding should be abandoned by Ethereum. In
his blog post, he goes on to add that after protodanksharding is put
into place, we won't be able to fully utilise the scale that it
provides. We'd need to roughly 1,000 times as much activity on rollups,
500 times as much activity on Ethereum mainnet, or 100 times as much
activity as there is in the current blockchain industry to saturate
protodanksharding, even with advanced data compression techniques being
gradually implemented on rollups. There is plenty of room for expansion
without the need of danksharding. (Addendum: Syscoin is developing a
solution akin to protodanksharding and estimates a comparable volume of
data being "good enough").

His article is linked in the tweet below if you'd want to learn more.

Zapper V2 is launched

The DeFi-capable on-chain analytics technology is now entering the NFT
and DAO markets. According to a press statement, Zapper's new platform
boasts more than 260 Web3 app connectors, and its services have already
been used by 1 million customers since its introduction two years ago.
Users can look more closely at certain collections using the Zapper v2
NFT dashboard, which even has a built-in price estimator that changes in
real time based on selling prices.

Superfluid Dashboard V2 released

With Dashboard V2, Superfluid's money streaming app, users can manage
all of their streams and Super Tokens through a single interface that is
independent of other apps. With new features & tech advancements,
managing streaming salaries, subscriptions, and investments has never
been faster or more intuitive. Six different tabs have been added to
improve the user experience: Dashboard, Wrap/Unwrap, Send Stream,
Activity History, Address Book, and Ecosystem.

Aave V3 has been deployed on the Goerli testnet

As per the guidance of the Ethereum foundation and major infrastructure
providers, Ropsten will be deprecated along with Rinkeby so Aave has
deployed Aave V3 on the Goerli testnet for the developers to continue
testing. Cuts 25% Workforce Amid Crypto Bear Market is closing its headquarters in Argentina and scrapping
plans to expand its team there. It will lay off 150 employees, or 25% of
the workforce. Employees in the UK and the US will receive job
replacement aid through a third party and, depending on the nation,
severance compensation. Additionally, CEO salary and executive salaries
will be decreased. Due to loans made to Three Arrows Capital, the
company is currently suffering with a $270 million shortfall.

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