Ethereum Bulletin #45

KZG Ceremony call #4 on 22 July, Ethereum MSF 10 announced, Teku v22.7.0 released, finances of the Protocol guild, EthStaker Merge Prep Validator Workshop, zkSync 2.0 launching in 100 days, Scroll designed technical principles for the zkRollup

Ethereum Bulletin #45


KZG Ceremony call #4 on 21 July

Anyone interested in creating their own implementation for the upcoming trusted setup is welcome to join!

Meeting Info:

Ethereum mainnet shadow fork 10 announced

Expected date and time- Wednesday, 27th of July at around 2PM UTC.

Teku v22.7.0 is now available

Preparing for the merge includes setting up a local execution client, including it's JWT authenticated engine API and specifying adding Teku's --ee-endpoint to point to it. Validators also need to set a default fee recipient with --validators-proposer-default-fee-recipient.

Key changes:

  • Scheduled the Prater/Görli merge
  • Optimised storage of latest attestation data
  • Fixed a resource leak from closed SSE connections and more

IMPORTANT: Prater nodes must be made "merge ready" as part of upgrading

See the docs here.

Transparent finances of the Protocol guild

Protocol guild have made a Dune analytics dashboard showcasing their pilot phase finances which are containted in a Split and Vesting contract from 0xSplits, and also at stateful.eth.

EthStaker Merge Prep Validator Workshop

The workshop will take place on Friday, July 29th at 11AM EDT

For the purpose of assisting single stakeholders in getting ready for the impending integration, the EthStaker Community is organising a number of livestream workshops. This is an excellent chance to get clarification and make sure that both you and your machine are prepared for the merge.

For this workshop series, EthStaker core members Remy Roy and Yorick will go over Somer Esat's Guides, Coincashew's Guides, and eth-docker installations. The EthStaker team will also be responding to any queries you may have on the merge as it applies to your validator during the livestreams.

zkSync 2.0 launching in 100 days

Along with Polygon and Scroll Matter labs has also announced zkSync 2.0 which will be launching to Mainnet in 100 days.

These are the features of zkSync 2.0:

  • zkSync is EVM and web3 compatible.
  • Supports Solidity and Vyper: no security re-audit required.
  • Porting is effortless: 99% of tooling will work out of the box.
  • With zkSync your project will inherit the full security of Ethereum.
  • You will benefit from more transactions per second and lower gas fees.
  • Build on zkSync 2.0 now and be permanently future-proof.

Scroll designed key technical principles for their zkRollup

To scale Ethereum with our zkEVM-based zkRollup, they have designed Scroll based on a set of technical principles which uphold Scroll's core values. These principles broadly covers four categories -

(1) Ensuring User Security

(2) Maintaining EVM-Equivalence

(3) Efficiency

(4) Decentralization across all layers of the community

You can read the thread below to learn more

FTX Raising Money at $32B Valuation After Buying Crypto Firms

FTX and FTX US are attempting to raise fresh funding. When FTX raised $400 million at a $32 billion valuation and FTX US raised $400 million at a $8 billion valuation in their January round, they were aiming for the same valuation. Through investments and loans, CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has been working to support the cryptocurrency sector. Some, though, believe that he appears to be bargain shopping in some of his purchases.

Read more

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