Ethereum Bulletin #86

Offchain Labs acquires Prysmatic Labs, Scroll_ZKP have announced their two latest presentations, New update for, Uniswap introduces their refreshed web app, PolynomialFi introduces Polynomial Portal

Ethereum Bulletin #86


Offchain Labs acquires Prysmatic Labs

The Prysmatic Labs team is officially joining Offchain Labs, and they will continue to develop Prysm as a fully open-source and neutral consensus client. The Prysmatic team is also deeply involved in further Ethereum development initiatives and is one of the teams leading the effort to bring EIP-4844 data-sharding to production. All of this work will continue uninterrupted.

Scroll_ZKP have announced their two latest presentations

Scroll_ZKP have announced their two latest presentations that they will be giving as part of EFDevcon week on October 13th. Co-Founder yezhang1998 will give talks discussing ZK proving systems as well as Scroll's recent testnet upgrade.

New update for !

Uniswap introduces their refreshed web app

Uniswap have introduced their new refreshed web app. The same Uniswap you know and love, now with more token data, discovery, and search options so you can swap easier than ever before.


  • Tokens Tab: discover and compare all of the tokens available on the Uniswap web app in a new “Tokens” tab. Click into a token to see and analyze more details and indications of risk.
  • Search: easily find and navigate to tokens across the Uniswap web app.
  • User Support: open a support ticket with the click of a button (in addition to its extensive content library that users can access at any time).

PolynomialFi introduces Polynomial Portal

The Polynomial Portal is an exciting new web3 UX that allows users to deposit from any chain powered by SocketDotTech. With a single click, Users can deposit Ethereum into a Call Selling Vault from the Ethereum Mainnet. A user can deposit assets from any EVM chain. Under the hood, these assets are first bridged to Optimism. After which, this asset is converted automatically to the asset used in the vault and deposited into the vault.

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