Ethereum Bulletin #60

Merge Client Releases, Geth’s merge- client release had a bug, Vitalik on what to build on Ethereum , Mining/Staking distribution BTC, ETH1 and 2, Swell Network is live on Ethereum

Ethereum Bulletin #60


Merge Client Releases

As the mainnet merge is approaching, all the clients have started releasing their newer versions. The merge will require both a consensus layer client and an Execution layer client and all the mainnet users need to upgrade their clients before the Bellatrix fork on September 6th.

Lodestar , a Consensus layer client is merge-ready with the release of version 1.0.0 for merge.

Prysm which is also a Consensus Layer client has released its v3.0.0 for the merge.

Besu, an Execution layer client have released its version 22.7.1 and is now ready of the merge.

Geth's merge- client release had a bug

Go Ethereum. An Execution layer client released its first merge-client release yesterday but they were facing some issues fortunately, things are slightly better at this point. You can read more about the issue in the doc below.

Vitalik on what to build on Ethereum

At his ETH Mexico conference Vitalik Buterin, Co- founder of Ethereum talked about what all things can be built on top of Ethereum now for increasing its accessibility and expanding the infrastructure. You can see the slide below to know more.

Mining/Staking distribution BTC, ETH1 and 2

The graphic made by Banteg shows the distribution of different miners/stakers upon the different networks. The graph shows pretty high distribution disparity among the BTC and ETH 1 users with a few miners have high dominance on the network such as Ethermine and Foundry USA. While with the commencement of ETH2 it shows a fairly equal distributions among the validators.

Swell Network is live on Ethereum

Swell Network is a liquid ETH staking protocol that is built for stakers, node operators, and the Ethereum ecosystem. It is now live on the Ethereum Mainnet via a Guarded Launch, comprising a multi-staged and controlled release schedule. Each stage will have a respective ETH threshold that will be actively managed by the DAO to support the initial bootstrapping of the protocol.

Stage 1 will commence on August 22 @ 00:00 UTC.

Learn more about them below.

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