Ethereum Bulletin #59

Merge Client Releases, DAppNode multiclient features, Crypto has gained more acceptance, Lido validator distribution, Metrics of new accounts formed on L2s, CryptoPunk Ethereum NFTs Floor Price Flips Bored Apes for First Time In 5 Months

Ethereum Bulletin #59


Merge Client Releases

As the mainnet merge is approaching, all the clients have started releasing their newer versions. The merge will require both a consensus layer client and an Execution layer client and all the mainnet users need to upgrade their clients before the Bellatrix fork on September 6th.

Go Ethereum an execution layer client released Geth v1.10.22 (Promavess)

Lighthouse a consensus layer client has released Lighthouse v3.0.0 (Rick Prime)

Teku v22.8.1 released - Consensus layer client

Nethermind an Execution layer client has released version 1.14.0

DAppNode multiclient features

In the Prater Testnet and Gnosis Chain, DAppNode users have had a choice of the Execution Layer (EL) client and Consensus Layer (CL) client.

You are no longer limited to Prysm with the multiclient setup and can use any CL client you choose. This has enormous benefits for you since you can respond rapidly to any potential flaws on any client implementation and you can encourage client diversity, which means that by running minority clients, you increase the overall resilience of the Ethereum Network.

Read more in the following thread.

Crypto has gained more acceptance

Brian Armstrong , CEO of coinbase has shared a pictographic representation of the crypto regulatory tracker which clearly suggests that more countries have started taking crypto into consideration and have passed laws for their citizens.

Lido validator distribution

You can see the distribution of the number of validators in the Lido ecosystem, Banteg shares the picture.

Metrics of new accounts formed on L2s

Orbiter Finance shows the top 5 layer 2s in terms of new accounts formed in the last 7 days.

CryptoPunk Ethereum NFTs Floor Price Flips Bored Apes for First Time In 5 Months

On Sunday morning, CryptoPunks briefly held the top spot among NFT collections. All year long, the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection has been in first place. In March, Yuga Labs acquired the rights to CryptoPunks, making both collections its property. The switch occurred as a result of Bored Apes losing value more quickly than CryptoPunks.

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