Ethereum Bulletin #53

Vitalik: Metaverse ‘Is Going to Happen’ but Meta’s ‘Will Misfire’, EIPs Insight (July 2022), Track progress towards the Goerli merge, Lighthouse release-Galactic Federation President, Scroll-The Architecture Overview, Sith Swap’s Alpha Testnet release

Ethereum Bulletin #53


Vitalik: Metaverse 'Is Going to Happen' but Meta might 'Misfire'

In a Twitter conversation, Vitalik Buterin shared his ideas on how the metaverse can appear. He claims that because people are still learning about the metaverse and what they will desire from it, many corporate initiatives now in development are likely to fail. Buterin singled out Meta, claiming that anything they do will 'misfire'. He thinks that the metaverse will materialise as a natural development of current technologies.

EIPs Insight (July 2022)

In July,19 potential EIPs were added to the repository of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) in July. 2 were further advanced to "Review" and 4/19 were moved to "Draft." 11 EIPs are changed from Stagnant to Review status, one of which is EIP-2400: Transaction Receipt URI. A further promotion to the Last Call occurs for 2 EIPs. Last Call is raised to 5 EIPs. Two EIPs are withdrawn, while two more are elevated to final status.

Track progress towards the Goerli merge

Goerli is the final public testnet to undergo the merge transition before the mainnet merge which is expected to be around 19 September meanwhile, the [Goerli testnet]( is expected to reach Total Terminal Difficulty of 10790000 is expected around Thu Aug 11 22:35:56 2022, i.e. between Thu Aug 11 18:15:37 2022 and Fri Aug 12 02:59:16 2022. You can track the progress at [](

Lighthouse release-Galactic Federation President

Users of the mainnet who are having trouble with slow "eth1 cache" syncing times will find a remedy in this medium-priority release. Reliable block production needs a synchronised eth1 cache.

This update includes a number of new features and bug fixes for Prater/Goerli users. The Prater/Goerli users are respectfully asked to update to this version before the Bellatrix upgrade (2022-08-04 12:24 pm UTC). What will be used for the mainnet merging is fairly similar to this release (presently unscheduled). During the Prater/Goerli upgrade, this release ought to receive as much testing as feasible. Before Bellatrix is upgraded, any Prater/Goerli users on version 2.3.1 must upgrade to this version to avoid following the incorrect chain.

Scroll-The Architecture Overview

Scroll is an EVM-equivalent zkRollup to scale Ethereum. Its architecture relies on two main components:

(1) zkEVM (the core pillar)- used to prove the correctness of EVM execution in Layer 2.

(2) A robust Layer 2 architecture-to turn the zkEVM into a full zkRollup on the Ethereum.

You can read the documentation below to learn more.

Sith Swap's Alpha Testnet release

Sith Swap is a next-gen AMM on StarkNet by StarkWare limited featuring stable and volatile swaps with ultra-low fees & slippage. Along with their Cairo audit with Nethermind, they are beginning the roll-out of their Alpha Testnet, now available to all StarkNet users on Alpha Goerli at

Ethereum Name System Domains Now Available as NFTs

A new ENS Name Wrapper from Ethereum Names System will convert any.eth name into a wrapped ERC1155 token. The ENS Name Wrapper is a smart contract that has a number of sophisticated features.

Read more

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