EtherWorld Weekly: October 2, 2022

Reversible Ethereum ERC20 And ERC721 Tokens Proposed By Standford Researchers, Vitalik's PoS book released, bloXroute’s ethical MEV-Boost relayer produced invalid blocks, bulletin, Astaria raises $8 million seed

EtherWorld Weekly: October 2, 2022


Ethereum News

Reversible Ethereum ERC20 And ERC721 Tokens Proposed By Standford Researchers

Stanford researchers recently unveiled a plan to build two new Ethereum token standards to combat asset thefts ad hacks in decentralized finance. The tokens will feature reversible transaction functionality when specific conditions are met, per the proposal. In cryptocurrency, a token standard refers to a set of rules hard-coded into a smart contract. These rules give the coin its identity, specific characteristics, and power smart contract compatibility across the digital asset ecosystem.

Vitalik's PoS book released!

bloXroute’s ethical MEV-Boost relayer produced invalid blocks

bloXrouteLabs's ethical relayer produced a few invalid blocks (Slot: 4791029, 4790116, 4790859, 4790770, 4790780) and was informed about the same.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin #77

Proposal to add EIP-4758, KZG Ceremony update, 20 validators slashed, Orb- first mobile app built on Lens Protocol, Lighthouse’s low-priority release, Positive GR15 results for Prysm, Besu version 22.7.3 released

World News

Astaria raises $8 million seed

Non-fungible token (NFT) lending platform and liquidity engine Astaria has raised $8 million in seed funding to build during the bear.

Interest Protocol is live!

Users can go to to deposit USDC and mint USDi, or borrow USDi against wETH, UNI, or wBTC.

Redstone Upgrade

Rocket Pool launched in November 2021 when the Beacon Chain was a separate chain that ran in parallel to the main Ethereum Proof of Work chain. With The Merge ™️ and the full transition to Proof of Stake, we are introducing our first major upgrade to the Rocket Pool Protocol to accommodate several new changes that this transition will bring.

Projects Update

zkSync 2.0 is set to launch on October 28

zkSync 2.0 is all set to launch on October 28, with Matter Labs announcing that it will launch to the mainnet in 100 days. The team also revealed the roadmap for the effort, which explains the individual stages that will take place until the mainnet launch.

Christie’s Goes Digital, Launches A Virtual Art Auction Platform On Ethereum

The leading British auction house, Christie’s, has launched Christie’s 3.0, a virtual auction platform on Ethereum in collaboration with Chain analysis, Manifold, and Spatial. Luxury art platform Christie’s has announced the launch of a virtual art platform dubbed Christie’s 3.0. Per the announcement released on Twitter, the British auction house is all set to allow auctions to be carried out fully “on-chain” from start to finish.

Tech Update

Execution layer Clients:

Consensus layer clients:


Aztec Network Introduces ERC-4626 Bridge

MetaMask Releases Portfolio Dapp


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