Ethereum Bulletin #78

Beware of orphaned blocks, takeWise V3 - a major upgrade to the StakeWise protocol , New version of ERC 4337 released, Eth-utils Releasing today, September was a record-breaking month for ENS

Ethereum Bulletin #78


Beware of orphaned blocks!

terencechain got nerd-sniped while looking into orphaned blocks that were produced by the relayers. All those blocks were very high in latency.

StakeWise V3 - a major upgrade to the StakeWise protocol

StakeWise introduced StakeWise V3 with the aim to help decentralize Ethereum. It's currently in development and this upgrade will feature:

  • permissionless liquid staking for solo operators
  • osETH, a liquid staked Ether token with slashing protection
  • an open marketplace of mini pools, called Vaults, to choose who will host your validator(s)

New version of ERC 4337 released!

A New version of ERC 4337 released!


  • Added signature aggregation.
  • The implementation now includes BLS.

For more visit here

Eth-utils Releasing today

Eth-utils is releasing today! It will provide :

  • Unit conversion (eg. wei, gwei)
  • Checksum
  • Hexstring conversion
  • Keccak256
  • ABI encoder
  • UTF8 to ASCII

September was a record-breaking month for ENS

Around 437,365 new .eth registrations and 45,839 renewals in the month of September for ENS.

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