EtherWorld Weekly: August 21, 2022

Research report on The Evolution of Ethereum Testnets, Highlights of ACD call145, CME Group to offer Ethereum options,Tether Swaps Accounting Firms, Acala, Interlay, Rarible and more.

EtherWorld Weekly: August 21, 2022


Ethereum News

The Evolution of Ethereum Testnets

One of our best blogs comprises an extensive research report on the evolution of the Ethereum testnets from genesis to the Merge upgrade is out now.

Special thanks to Tim Beiko, Péter Szilágyi, Marius van der Wijden and Pooja Ranjan for reviewing the report.

Highlights of All Core Dev meeting 145

In the last ACD call the devs finalised the date and TTD of the mainnet merge and talked about sepolia post-merge upgrade, MSF11, Kiln testnet deprecation and MEV boost relay censorship.

CME Group to offer Ethereum options trading ahead of The Merge

Depending on regulatory approval, CME Group intends to launch options on ETH futures right before the Merge on September 12. The right to purchase or sell a futures contract at a specific strike price for a specific period of time is provided by options to holders. In addition to micro-bitcoin and micro-ether options, CME Group also provides bitcoin options and micro-futures. In anticipation of regulatory approval, it intends to introduce bitcoin and ether futures in the euro on August 29.

Taiwan Turns to Ethereum IPFS Tech to Thwart Chinese Cyberattacks

The IPFS technology has been incorporated by Taiwan's Ministry of Digital Affairs to strengthen its cyberattack defences. Users can store data on a network of nodes using the peer-to-peer IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) network. By doing so, censorship is avoided and key sources of failure are removed. Before and during Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island, there were 23 times as many cyberattacks against Taiwan as the previous day record.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin #58

Talks about Vitalik against banning of PoW, Multiclient on DAppNode is now LIVE, Another AllCoreDevs wrapped up, Over 13.3 Million $ETH staked , Latest release of Hyperledger Besu out, Kyber Network integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Arbitrum , Aztec and BalancerLabs working alongside

Ethereum Bulletin #57

Talks about Sepolia's post merge upgrade, Web3 Hackathon announced in Kyiv early next month, 73 days to zkSync 2.0 on mainnet, Aztec psyched to support Nucleo in enabling private multisigs on Ethereum, Updated Docs for Ethereum Nodes Published!

World News

Tether Swaps Accounting Firms, BDO Italia will handle the attestation reports

The regular attestation reports for Tether will now be handled by BDO Italia. The market is reassured by attestation and assurance reports that Tether's coins are backed by actual assets. Tether will now release reports monthly as opposed to every three months. The action is the next one before the business releases the audit it has promised.

Petro Government will seek "the creation of a digital currency"

Colombia is thinking of introducing a central bank digital currency. The new leader of the nation has expressed interest in digital assets and suggested that instead of making cocaine, the nation should mine bitcoin using green energy. Columbia is growing more welcoming to cryptocurrencies. Last month, it published a draught set of regulations for cryptocurrency businesses looking to operate there.

Acala Community Debating Massive Token Burn to Recover From Exploit

The Acala community may burn tokens to aid in the recovery of its stablecoin following the most recent attack on the network. The community has shown some hesitant support for the plan, which was published on August 15. On August 15, a hacker used Acala to generate 1.3 billion aUSD, which they then exchanged for different cryptocurrencies. The occurrence led to a USD's value falling to zero. For Polkadot and other connected blockchains, aUSD acted as the de facto stablecoin.

Interlay launches Bitcoin-backed stablecoin iBTC on Polkadot network

A wrapped Bitcoin asset called interBitcoin (iBTC) has been introduced by Interlay on the Polkadot chain. As of right now, iBTC can be found on Acala and Moonbeam, and its creators intend to make it available on Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, and Avalanche as well. You can create the token by securing Bitcoin collateral in a safe. In the event of a failed vault, the locked BTC is insured and repaid. Unlike other cross-chain bridged assets, iBTC just requires consumers to have faith in Polkadot and Bitcoin.

Project Updates

Rarible Proposes No-Fee Bored Ape NFT Marketplace for ApeCoin Users

For the ApeCoin community, Rarible has proposed a Bored Ape-focused NFT marketplace. Three ideas for customised Bored Ape NFT marketplaces have now been submitted to ApeCoin DAO. In order to increase liquidity, Rarible's marketplace will aggregate listings from other platforms and waive marketplace costs for NFTs that holders natively list on it. Fiat payments, specialised support, and the option to submit collection-wide offers will all be part of it. Following DAO permission, Rarible claims it can launch the market for free in four weeks.

Jump Crypto Picked to Revamp Solana to Make Blockchain More Reliable

Jump Crypto is creating a new validator client in an effort to increase Solana's throughput and dependability. A blockchain's security is aided by software known as a validator client. Jump intends to suggest substantial software updates for Solana. Through its contributions to the network, Solana will take a significant step toward further decentralisation and scale to billions of users.

Compound Labs Deploys Smart Contracts for USDC Market on Ethereum

Protocol for DeFi Lending The first smart contract rollouts for Compound III, Compound Labs' multichain strategy for deploying on all EVM-compatible networks, have been announced. On Ethereum, the contract will establish a market for USDC. Users will be able to use WETH, WBTC, LINK, UNI, and COMP as collateral when borrowing USDC using this system. A target reserve pool of 5 million USDC will be set, with a minimum borrowing size of 100 USDC.

Tech Updates

EL Clients release:

Consensus layer clients:


Akula and TheMerge with Artem Vorotnikov

In the podcast there is a discussion about Akula, Erigon, client designs, EVMs, future of Akula and much more.

KZG-Ceremony Breakout Call #6

Reputation-Based Economies with Danny Zuckerman

Danny Zuckerman discusses about the flywheel of digital identity, in which network effects will create a positive relationship between identity, utility, and cryptoeconomic values.

Identity is inherently multiplayer; it's all relative. What can we build on top of a reputation-based economy?

Blockchain Events

  • TTD for mainnet merge is going to be about 58750000000000000000000 which will hit on mainnet on Sept 15.
  • Proposed Bellatrix epoch is 144896, slot 4636672 as it aligns with the historical block root accumulator well, as of now this is scheduled on Tuesday, 6 September at 11:34:47 UTC.
  • Mainnet Shadow Fork 11 successfully happened

Job listing

Read more about Ethereum in previous Bulletins -Ethereum Bulletin

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