Ethereum Bulletin #57

Sepolia's post merge upgrade, Web3 Hackathon announced in Kyiv early next month, 73 days to zkSync 2.0 on mainnet, Aztec psyched to support Nucleo in enabling private multisigs on Ethereum, Updated Docs for Ethereum Nodes Published!

Ethereum Bulletin #57


Sepolia's post merge upgrade scheduled for next week

Sepolia, which merged a few weeks ago and needed a simple post-merge upgrade to disconnect non-PoS peers is scheduled for next week. But the client versions for this are the same as for the Goerli merge says

For more info visit:

The first go-ethereum reddit AMA is on Thursday!

The first ever go-Ethereum Reddit AMA begins at 0900 UTC on 18 August and will remain active until an end notice is posted.

Members of the Go Ethereum Team @ Ethereum Foundation are here to answer questions throughout the day.

Web3 Hackathon announced in Kyiv early next month.

Kyiv Tech Summit is a first-of-its-kind unique event. They aim to bring together some of the best developers, technology providers, designers, innovators, and product evangelists who are looking to solve tangible, on-the-ground issues to aid the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom.

Prizes will be awarded, and bounties available. Pre-existing projects AND new projects are allowed to be submitted. What’s most important is that the project is providing an impactful solution!

73 days to zkSync 2.0 on mainnet

The next roadmap milestone is Dynamic Fees and zkSync is releasing a definition of what it’ll include. Next week they’ll release the exact date. Heads up to developers on testnet, this release will be a regenesis event.

  • Dynamic Fees :
    Today, all transactions on zkSync 2.0 testnet cost a fee that's independent of transaction logic & respective L1 cost. Their new fee model is similar to Ethereum's with L2-specific modifications. Each transaction will be priced based on the resources consumed. To differentiate from the standard “gas,” our measurement unit is called “ergs.”

  • Removing Variant Token Payments :
    This milestone will remove support to pay fees in variant tokens. This should only affect developers. The change should not be noticed by users because…

  • Account Abstraction Support for Paymasters :
    Users will be able to pay in different tokens directly to a ‘paymaster’ – who would then convert it into ETH for system compatibility.

  • Account abstraction without Ethereum protocol changes :
    Account abstraction has for a long time been a dream of the Ethereum developer community.

  • EIP-1559 Support :
    The same burn mechanism used by Ethereum L1 will be used in zkSync 2.0. This will be switched off initially (think of transaction tip as a system constant), as we don’t prioritize transactions with higher fees.

If you’re interested in know more you can visit here.

Aztec psyched to support Nucleo in enabling private multisigs on Ethereum.

Nucleo is a private multisig capable of private transactions, private Defi, private fundraising, and auditability through viewing keys. Nucleo provides the privacy infrastructure required for a new wave of organizations to go on-chain, enabling them to compete in the real world. Currently, in beta, Nucleo enables privacy across transactions, Defi, and fundraising, while providing audibility via shared viewing keys.

They are partnering with Aztec and Aleo - leveraging zero-knowledge cryptography.

Updated Docs for Ethereum Nodes Published!

After the Merge , The updated Merge docs about Ethereum nodes are finally published. Check it out here

The Merge Configs

Mainnet TTD merged today!

Changes :

  • Ethereum Mainnet TTD = 58750000000000000000000 added
  • Necessary config values added
  • SnapSync as default in mainnet_aa and mainnet_mev added

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