EtherWorld Weekly: August 8, 2022

Highlights of ACD 144, Vitalik of zkEVM, Akula became EL client, Blackrock and Coinbase partnership, Meta rolls out NFTs, Magic Eden expands to Ethereum, Aave DAO approves GHO, client updates, podcasts and job listings

EtherWorld Weekly: August 8, 2022


Ethereum News

Highlights of the ACD Meeting 144

In the latest ACD call the developers discussed the Sepolia and Prater testnets, Goerli Shadow Fork 6, Flashbot's relay update post-merge, Mainnet 5GB DAG size, EIP Process & execution-specs: proposals.

Vitalik on different types of zkEVMs

Recently, there have been numerous zkEVM announcements from projects. These projects' main objective is to leverage zkSNARK technology to simplify Ethereum chain verification or produce scalable zk-rollups. The various zkEVM varieties are covered in this article. It examines the various variations between existing zkEVM projects, the compromises being made between expediency and practicality, and the advantages and disadvantages of attempting to realise each type.

The complete guide to rollups

Jon Charbonneau from Delphi digital jokingly said the Vitalik has come up with an incomplete guide about the rollups so he made a complete one. The guide is very much research based and is astonishingly long, it is an 83-minute read but completely value packed.

As ETH 2.0 approaches, Ethereum Classic has increased by more than 150% in July.

One of the best-performing digital assets over the past month is Ethereum Classic. After developers disclosed the date of the Merge, interest in the asset soared. Hardware that is specifically designed for mining Ethereum is needed. After the Merge, miners on the Ethereum network can easily transfer to the Ethereum Classic network to carry on mining.

1 year to EIP- 1559

Ultrasound money reported that 2.1% of ETH supply has been burned to date after EIP 1559 turned one year old on August 5. According to EIP-1559 proposal, a certain amount of ETH called the base fee will be burned and be lost forever in due course of the enormous amount of transactions that are made on the Ethereum network. This makes ETH ultrasound money.

Akula listed as Execution Layer client

Akula is now listed as an Execution layer client, you can see the listing on the Ethereum.orgwebsite. It is written in Rust language which makes it the first EL client made that uses the Rust language and it works in Linux Operating System. You can now use Akula as your EL client.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin #54

Teku v22.8.0 is out, Hyperledger Besu version 22.7.0 released, Lighthouse- Slippy release, Coinbase will offer Ethereum staking, Optimism Bedrock Upgrade, ENS makes another record, NFT Exchange Magic Eden Expands to Ethereum

Ethereum Bulletin #53

Vitalik: Metaverse 'Is Going to Happen' but Meta's 'Will Misfire', EIPs Insight (July 2022), Track progress towards the Goerli merge, Lighthouse release-Galactic Federation President, Scroll-The Architecture Overview, Sith Swap's Alpha Testnet release

World News

Senate Bill Would Give CFTC 'Exclusive Oversight' of Bitcoin and Ethereum

With the passage of the Digital Commodities Consumer Protect Act in 2022, rules will be streamlined, consumers will have stronger rights, and exchanges that don't trade securities would have less restrictions. It provides definitions for a brand-new class of commodities and requires companies that trade in them to register with the CFTC. Digital commodity platforms would be subject to the same regulations as conventional financial institutions. The article contains a lot more information about the law.

BlackRock and Coinbase Prime have partnered

Institutional investors now have access to prime brokerage, reporting, and custody services for cryptocurrencies thanks to a partnership between Blackrock and Coinbase. More than 200 institutional clients use Aladdin, the investment platform from Blackrock. Through Coinbase Prime, the company's trading platform for institutional cryptocurrency investors, users will have access to cryptocurrency services. The businesses will keep improving the platform's integration and gradually introduce new capabilities.

Meta Confirms NFT Rollout Across 100 Countries Amid Coinbase Integration

After integrating with Coinbase Wallet and Dapper, Meta has begun to roll out NFTs across 100 countries. In some nations, Instagram users will soon be able to display their NFTs. Meta intends to increase Flow Blockchain support. The company wants to enable cross-platform NFT publishing and is testing NFTs on Facebook.

Starbucks will introduce its web-based rewards programme.

Starbucks' web3 plans will be made public on September 13 during its Investor Day event. Earlier this year, the corporation declared its intention to compete in the web3 market. Its NFTs will be virtual collectibles that grant owners access to premium content and additional benefits. They will expand on the engagement strategy now used by Starbucks Rewards. The NFTs might support several chains or be chain-independent.

Project Updates

So excited about this proposal for a Uniswap Foundation

The Uniswap Foundation will be a separate organisation from Uniswap Labs that supports community participation and protocol growth. It will be established as the protocol's steward and seek to make it stronger over time. Recently, a temperature check for establishing the Foundation was published. There is a link to the proposal.

NFT Exchange Magic Eden Expands to Ethereum

By incorporating NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain into its platform, Magic Eden is going multi-chain. The marketplace's marketing assistance, whitelisting tools, and minting toolkit will be useful to Ethereum NFT developers. Users will be able to buy NFTs using either ETH or SOL thanks to a cross-currency trading solution that Magic Eden is developing. At least two additional chains will be added in the future, according to the firm.

Aave DAO Approves Creating GHO Stablecoin

The establishment of the GHO stablecoin has received voter approval in the Aave DAO. Voters supported the measure with 99.9% of the vote. GHO will be a stablecoin backed by other cryptocurrencies as collateral. Aave will charge interest on loans obtained with GHO, and it will be excessively collateralized. When loans are repaid, GHO will be destroyed. The stablecoin's genesis parameters will shortly be put to a vote by Aave DAO.

Tech Updates

EL Clients release:

Besu v22.7.0

Erigon v2022.08.01-alpha

CL client releases:

Lighthouse v2.5.1

Teku v22.8.0


The CC0 breakdown

CC0 once again has become one of the hottest debates in the JPEG space after Kevin Rose announced Moonbirds and Oddities are now CC0. In this podcast Carly shares her thoughts on CC0.

How to Fix DeFi Tokens

In this episode, Hasu is going to talk about what's broken about DAOs, the potential solutions, what regulation could do to help, and so much more.

Solana Wallet Hack | Nomad Bridge Hack | Ethereum PoW Chain | DeFi Tokens | Coinbase ETH Staking

Blockchain Events

  • Bellatrix upgrade happened onPrater
  • Goerli Shadow Fork 6 happened successfully

Job listing

Read more

Read more about Ethereum in previous Bulletins -Ethereum Bulletin

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