Highlights of the ACD Meeting 144

Updates on Sepolia and Prater, Goerli Shadow Fork 6 , Flashbot’s relay update post merge , Mainnet 5GB DAG size, EIP Process & execution-specs: proposals

Highlights of the ACD Meeting 144


Updates on Sepolia and Prater

The Bellatrix was hit on Aug 4. The network was roughly around 90% at attestation performance before Bellatrix which eventually dropped to about 81-82%. This drop was mainly caused because of two things, first being that one of the execution layer client teams had a subset of the validators that need to be updated and second being some community run validators that haven't been updated. But overall there were no major issues.

Adrian Sutton highlighted that the Teku and Prysm nodes were not interacting with each other concluding that 40% of the network between the two team nodes didn’t work. But this issue was readily overcome with no such repercussions.

To know more about the Goerli/Prater merge click here.

Goerli Shadow Fork 6

The shadow fork was successful, nearly 30 % of the network was running MEV boost which was a good thing as it was planned to test MEV boost said the developers. The attestation participation before hitting the TTD was 97% which dropped down to 94% post TTD, this happened because some of the validator nodes based out in India had some issues connecting to the relays based in USA due to high network latency. The issue was not related to merge hence not a big issue.

Flashbot’s relay update post merge

Looking into the network latency issue that occurred in the latest shadow fork Chris Hager on behalf of the Flashbot’s team has announced that they are going to open source the code under the AGPL ( Affero General Public License) license which means that all the copies of the code will require users to publish any changes they may or may not have been made. This announcement received mixed reactions from the developers and ultimately it was decided that discussions might proceed on a public forum like GitHub.

Mainnet 5GB DAG size

On the merge Tim Beiko said- the DAG size which is data required to mine Ethereum every time, if it exceeds the maximum threshold, will not be able to co-operate with the validator simply due to lack of storage space. Right now the network requirement is 5GB of RAM which is expected to increase in about 2 weeks from now, which will cause a drop in hashrate (probably around Aug 17th) simply because some validators won’t have the storage capacity of more than 5GB. It might take around 4 weeks for Bellatrix and TTD to hit. On the next CL call, the developers will discuss the date and time of Bellatrix Epoch height so that the validators will update their nodes before the Bellatrix hits.

EIP Process & execution-specs: proposals

The core developers talked about the execution specifications, which they use to keep track of any changes that might be made to the Ethereum core protocol, before the conversation came to an end. The implementation specifications have always been created in Python by the developers of the consensus layer, but only recently have the EL clients begun to do the same. The execution specifications of Ethereum's EL, which will keep track of all the code changes made thus far, are almost finished. Since no specific resolution was reached at the end of this session, the conversation will continue in subsequent calls.

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