Ethereum Bulletin #54

Teku v22.8.0 is out, Hyperledger Besu version 22.7.0 released, Lighthouse- Slippy release, Coinbase will offer Ethereum staking, Optimism Bedrock Upgrade, ENS makes another record, NFT Exchange Magic Eden Expands to Ethereum

Ethereum Bulletin #54


Teku v22.8.0 is out

Additions and Improvements
  • Support for the external builder API (e.g. mev-boost)
  • Enables fork choice before block proposals by default on MainNet (previously on by default on testnets only)
  • Optimisations in jvm-libp2p to reduce CPU usage
  • Updated Sepolia bootnodes
  • Enabled progressive balance tracking optimisation on MainNet

Hyperledger Besu version 22.7.0 released

22.7.0 is our Quarterly release with some bug fixes over the previous 22.4.4. This is a recommended update for all users on public networks and those using Bonsai. This release also make many improvements to underlying peering code for better peering on public networks. There are a number of fixes around Merge-related code and the robustness of Besu as a whole.

With the stability of Bonsai in 22.7.0 and some planned optimizations, they are anticipating changing it to the default storage format at some point in the future.

Lighthouse- Slippy release

There were two separate bug fixes-
  • The first bug results in a steady memory footprint increase of 100MB per month. It has been less than two weeks since that release so it's unlikely that a significant memory increase can be observed, yet. It was fixed in #3408.
  • The second bug can result in an error during fork choice. This error will only be triggered in rare timing-based circumstances and will resolve itself within seconds. It was fixed in #3402.

Coinbase will offer Ethereum staking

Coinbase is launching Ethereum staking to US domestic institutional clients on Coinbase Prime. Using our industry-leading cold storage, clients can now generate yield by staking ETH.

Optimism Bedrock Upgrade

Optimism states that the difference between their client Geth and Bedrock's execution layer is 500 lines of code, and Bedrock is a rollup design created to convert Ethereum's existing code into Rollup code. Its major features include-
  • Reduces L1 to L2 deposit times by over 4x

  • Slashes the cost of data submission to L1 by ~20%

  • Cuts difference with Geth down to a slim ~500 lines of code

  • Supports any number of alternative proof systems (including ZK)

ENS makes another record

The July 2022 stats shows 378K new .eth registrations which makes a total of 1.86m names registered yet. 5,400 ETH in revenue, their highest ever month to date and more…

NFT Exchange Magic Eden Expands to Ethereum

By incorporating NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain into its platform, Magic Eden is going multi-chain. The marketplace's marketing assistance, whitelisting tools, and minting toolkit will be useful to Ethereum NFT developers. Users will be able to buy NFTs using either ETH or SOL thanks to a cross-currency trading solution that Magic Eden is developing. At least two additional chains will be added in the future, according to the firm.

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