Ethereum Bulletin #93

EIP #88: Grandine, A Consensus Layer Client with Saulius Grigaitis, Ethereum successfully interop-ed local lodestar_eth, Helios, a fast, portable, and secure Ethereum light client, ethStaker will be meeting with stakewise_io to learn about Stakewise v3, Vitalik Updated the roadmap diagram

Ethereum Bulletin #93


EIP #88: Grandine

Here is a new PeePanEIP Video by Ethereum Cat Herders on EIP #88: Grandine, A Consensus Layer Client with Saulius Grigaitis. Grandine is an extremely light client that consumes only ~1GB of memory on the mainnet. The memory consumption comparison on ARM64 Raspberry Pi 4. The goal of Grandine is to be the fastest Ethereum consensus layer implementation. The state transition function is already multiple times faster than any other client on a modern multicore CPU. The sync speed comparison.

Ethereum successfully interop-ed local lodestar_eth

Ethereum just successfully interop-ed local lodestar_eth <>geth. Now, Withdrawals will be automated.

Helios, a fast, portable, and secure Ethereum light client

Helios is a Rust-based Ethereum light client that provides fully trustless access to Ethereum. Helios — which uses Ethereum’s light client protocol, made possible by the recent switch to proof of stake — converts data from an untrusted centralized RPC provider into a verifiably safe, local RPC. Helios works together with centralized RPCs to make it possible to verify their authenticity without running a full node.

ethStaker will be meeting with stakewise_io to learn about Stakewise v3

There are two exciting calls on Tuesday, November 8.

EthStaker will be hosting Stakewise on a community call tomorrow. They'll be talking with Stakewise about their v3 product and working through some details about whether we feel like this is a healthy product for decentralizing Ethereum.

Two hours later (2 pm Central US time) there'll be another call with the ENS DAO celebrating their first anniversary. they'll talk about the successes of the ENS DAO AND do a painting canvas.

Vitalik Updated roadmap diagram!

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has shared the updated roadmap of Ethereum post the Merge. He released a diagram depicting the next six stages in a phase-wise manner. The next six milestones will be The Merge, the Surge, The Scourge, The Verge, The Purge, and The Splurge. The Scourge is the new addition to Ethereum's scalability roadmap.

Here is our detailed article on Vitalik Buterin brings changes to Ethereum Roadmap and Ethereum's roadmap for 2022 and beyond!

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