Ethereum Bulletin #91

Prysmatic Labs v3.1.2, EIP-5606: Multiverse NFTs, Cairo 1.0 is coming, Nethermind v1.14.5, ETHIndia '22 have introduced staking for builder

Ethereum Bulletin #91


Prysmatic Labs v3.1.2

EIP-5606: Multiverse NFTs

Here is a new PeePanEIP Video by Ethereum Cat Herders on EIP-5606: Multiverse NFTs. It defines a minimal interface to create a multiverse NFT standard for digital assets such as wearables and in-game items that, in turn, index the delegate NFTs on each platform where this asset exists. These platforms could be metaverses, play-to-earn games or NFT marketplaces. This proposal depends on and extends EIP-721 and EIP-1155. The standard also allows for the ‘bundling’ and ‘unbundling’ of these delegate NFTs within the multiverse NFT so holders can trade them individually or as a bundle.

Cairo 1.0 is coming

Cairo 1.0 is coming, followed by Regenesis. This means that after Regenesis, StarkNet will fully support Cairo 1.0.

Read more about it here.

Nethermind v1.14.5

ETHIndia '22 have introduced staking for builders

Staking involves accepted builders locking up 0.01 ETH or ₹1000 or USD ~12 as collateral to confirm their presence at the hackathon; with the amount being completely refundable. ETHIndia introduced staking for ETHIndia '22 to:

  • Ensure that they aren’t unfair to the applicants who couldn't be accepted due to limited capacity.
  • Not waste resources that have been set aside for each hacker.
  • Accurately understand the number of builders who plan to attend.

Read our article on Crypto exchanges offering Eth2 staking services to know more about ETH Staking in India.

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