Ethereum Bulletin #84

Teku v22.10.1 is now available, Scroll announces zkEVM testnet upgrade, zkSync's Layer 3 Pathfinder will be released to the public testnet, Arbitrum is coming to Devcon, The World's 1st open source zkEVM network is here!

Ethereum Bulletin #84



Teku v22.10.1 is out!

Teku v22.10.1 is now available.

Additions and Improvements:

  • Improve Execution Layer error logging
  • Add new validator client metric validator_remote_beacon_nodes_requests_total which tracks the requests made to remote beacon nodes (useful when there are failovers configured)
  • Throttle signing of validator registrations when using an external signer
  • Filter out unknown validators when sending validator registrations to the builder network
  • Fix issue which could cause locally produced aggregates to not be gossiped

Scroll announces zkEVM testnet upgrade

Scroll_ZKP have announced their Pre-Alpha testnet upgrade. Developers can now officially deploy smart contracts on top of the scroll network.

zkSync's Layer 3 Pathfinder will be released to the public testnet

zksync has unveiled it's plans for the deployment of its Layer 3 Pathfinder - aka application specific L3s. With 18 days to zkSync 2.0 on mainnet, we're thrilled to share another exciting milestone on the horizon: zkSync's Layer 3 Pathfinder will be released to the public testnet in Q1 2023.

Arbitrum is coming to Devcon

Arbitrum have announced their event schedule for tomorrow for the beginning of @EFDevcon week.

The World's 1st open source zkEVM network is here!

Ever since we first unveiled Polygon, we have been constantly inspired by Ethereum and its values. To continue in the same manner - the one of open innovation and collaboration with the community - Polygon is today announcing the Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet. Today’s release of the Public Testnet achieves that vision, and they’re proud to say they’re the first zkEVM to reach public testnet with an open-source ZK proving system.

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