Ethereum Bulletin #67

Teku v22.9.0 out, Ethereum Foundation blog now available in 16 languages, New Release for Nimbus out, Openseas's preparation for The Merge, New Lighthouse release, The fast track to becoming an Ethereum core dev is now open

Ethereum Bulletin #67


Teku v22.9.0 out!

The latest version of Teku is now available.

Key changes:

  • Resolves an issue with public key validation.

Ethereum Foundation blog now available in 16 languages.

The Ethereum Foundation blog has been redesigned and is now available in 16 languages. You can check that out here.

New Release for Nimbus out!

A new version of Nimbus has been released, v22.8.2. As a low-urgency hotfix, this release eliminates a potential crash risk introduced in version 22.8.1.

Openseas's preparation for The Merge

With the arrival of The Merge. In preparation for The Merge, Openseas revealed their plans.
To prepare, they are doing the following:

  • They will only support NFTs on the upgraded Ethereum PoS chain.
  • The extent forked NFTs on ETHPoW exist–they won’t be supported or reflected on OpenSea.
  • Maintain constant monitoring, management, and communication.

New Lighthouse release!

The New Lighthouse release is out. Block production has been fixed and optimized in this release.

There have been several notable changes, including:

  • Improved handling of offline EEs during synchronization
  • Optimisations to block production
  • Improvements to how builder-enabled VCs interact with non-builder BNs
  • Easier recovery from EE consensus faults
  • Log suggested fee recipient addresses in the VC

The fast track to becoming an Ethereum core dev is now open!

You can now become an Ethereum core developer on the fast track!
A fellowship program for those interested in deepening their knowledge of core protocol research and development. Applications are now being accepted for the EPF!
Here is the link to apply for it:

Read more

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