Highlights of Ethereum's All Core Devs Meeting #146

Mainnet Shadow Fork 12 Successful Erigon Block production Bug Teku's Latest Release v22.9.0 Nethermind Bug Free Besu 22.7.2 Release on September 7 Optimistic Sync Tests HashRate Difference on Bordel.wtf & WenMerge Final Merge Community Call on September 9

Highlights of Ethereum's All Core Devs Meeting #146


ansgar.eth started this call. The main agenda of this call was Merge Related Updates from all clients and developers.

Mainnet Shadow Fork 12 Successful

Mainnet Shadow Fork 12 was successfully merged yesterday. Developers have used latest versions written in the official Mainnet Merge Announcement. So far, Developers have found 0 issues. There were no missed proposals, and the attestation rate didn't change pre-post merge. Here is the link to the MSF 12 tracker. We have covered all insights & bugs in all shadow forks in this article: Ethereum Mainnet Shadow Forking: An Overview. Justin Florentine also said that MSF 12 was Perfection or Perfect Merge. The Nimbus client was also behaving better post-merge than before the merge.

Shadow Forking infographics (1)

Also, Mainnet Shadow Fork 12 is not the last. According to MariusVanDerWijden and Parithosh, there will be one more & most likely the last Shadow fork, i.e., MSF 13 in the upcoming week.

Erigon Block production Bug

Andrew Ashikhmin explained that there is a bug in Erigon due to which it could not filter out transactions with invalid signatures in their transaction pool. So, there is a need for another release to ensure that Erigon doesn't produce invalid blocks.

Teku's Latest Release v22.9.0

Acccording to Ben Edgington, developers have found an issue in yesterday's
22.8.2 release. So, he has advised everyone to upgrade to the latest release 22.9.0 as per their earliest convenience.

Nethermind Bug Free

Łukasz Rozmej said that there are no bugs in Nethermind. He also added that a new client release would be around September 6 with minor changes.

Besu 22.7.2 Release on September 7

Gary Schulte added that there would be a new Besu Client Release 22.7.2 with minor fixes on September 7.

Optimistic Sync Tests

Hsiao-Wei Wang and Mikhail Kalinin talked about Optimistic Sync Tests. Hsiao-Wei Wang has created a PR, and she needs help and inputs from atleast two client teams for running these tests. Here is a complete description regarding Optimistic Sync Tests Proposal created by Mikhail Kalinin.

HashRate Difference on Bordel.wtf & WenMerge

Many people had doubts about the difference in the expected Merge upgrade date on websites like Bordel.wtf & WenMerge. Mario Havel has explained that Bordel.wtf calculates prediction with a bigger time span of data, i.e., roughly two weeks. On the other hand, other sites like wenmerge use the latest block difficulty or hashrate, which is up from the last few days.

Final Merge Community Call on September 9

trent.eth said the Final Merge Community Call would be on September 9. Here is the link to know more.

Micah Zoltu wanted to discuss Shanghai Upgrade. But it is one of the major topics to discuss and will require a lot of time. So developers will discuss it after the Merge upgrade.

Cyrus Adkisson wanted to discuss a small change in the handling of tx.origin in EIP-3074: AUTH and AUTHCALL opcodes. This EIP introduces two EVM instructions AUTH and AUTHCALL. The first sets a context variable authorized based on an ECDSA signature. The second sends a call as the authorized account. This delegates control of the externally owned account (EOA) to a smart contract. But, according to ansgar.eth, there are currently no plans to move forward with the EIP and ethereum-magicians/eip-3074-auth-and-authcall-opcodes/4880 is a better place for discussion regarding this EIP.

Fun Fact: This was one of the shortest ACD Call in History, which lasted around 20 minutes.

Fun Fact: As of now, only 53% of clients are Merge Ready. So, developers have advised everyone to upgrade their clients to the latest version.

This will be most likely the last All Core Devs call before the Merge upgrade. Readers can watch Ethereum's All Core Devs Meeting #146 here:

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