EtherWorld's weekly: November 04, 2018

Sundar Pichai's son is mining Ethereum; PayPal may share your personal information; Devcon4 - Serenity is the next step for Ethereum; Bitcoin Whitepaper completing 10 years; Bitcoin Cash HF November 15 and more...

EtherWorld's weekly: November 04, 2018

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Ethereum News

  • Vitalik Buterin talked about the future of Ethereum in Devcon4. Serenity is the next step for Ethereum - a term that's beginning to replace Ethereum 2.0 or Shasper to describe the upcoming integration of Casper and sharding. As the fourth development in the Etheruem roadmap, Serenity is helping the technology realize the potential of a world computer.

  • ConsenSys Acquires Planetary Resources

  • Launch of ConsenSys Grants in Devcon4! The program will distribute 500k to projects and teams building infrastructure, design, interoperability, and more. Grants will be distributed in increments of $10,000 - $25,000.

  • Ethereum Special Projects announces 15,000 ETC donation to Ethereum Classic Cooperative

  • EEA - Both the EEA Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification V0.5 document AND the the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification V2 document have been released!

Scam Alert!!




New Projects

  • BlockAction - Introducing web3 commands to browser
  • web3x v1.2.0 - TypeScript port of web3.js released, for type safe contract interactions.
  • Sobol - Advance your organization toward decentralized, humanistic work. Sobol is helping redefine what it means to be a “firm” to better reflect human behavior, enable productivity, and encourage growth.
  • Bamboo: a morphing smart contract language
  • Elph Plasma Chain - demonstrates the speed and scalability of our Plasma chain.

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Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews

Great costume @hudsonjameson!!

  • Substrate: A Rustic Vision for Polkadot by Gavin Wood at Web3 Summit 2018

  • Interview with 0xBTC

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Ongoing projects ICO

Rise(Press Release)


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