Membrana ICO

Membrana ICO

Token Sale Details

Amount Raised Currency - USD

  • Amount Raised - $500 000
  • Presale Price (eg. 1 BTC = 100 XYZ) - $0,014
  • ICO Price (eg. 1 BTC = 100 XYZ) - $0.02
  • Amount of Tokens For Sale - 600 000 000
  • Accepted Currencies(eg. BTC,ETH,XRP) - ETH
  • Is KYC Required? - YES
  • Tokensale Restrictions - USA

Project Overview

Media Contact
• Contact Name: Kirill Romanov
• Contact Email:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored page. It is not an investment advice and should NOT be viewed as project endorsement by EtherWorld. Readers are suggested to do their research before investing into any project.

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