Crypt-ON ICO

Crypt-ON ICO

Basic Info

Meet Crypt-ON - a multiservice financial p2p platform for secure transactions based on smart contracts. Besides the escrow service, the Crypt-ON ecosystem includes a p2p lending service, a crypto freelance marketplace, and a p2p local crypto-exchange.

Project name Crypt-ON


  • ICO begin date and GMT time 31.10.2018

  • ICO end date and GMT time 21.01.2019

  • ICO target funding amount $4 000 000

  • Total amount raised so far $384 240

  • Bonuses discount -20%

  • Industry Platform / Business services / Financial services

  • Website

  • link to your white paper

  • Token name and ticker symbol IPT

  • Blockchain used (e.g. Ethereum, Omni, proprietary) Ethereum

  • Total supply of tokens 200 000 000

  • Business location Cyprus

Project description 
Crypt-ON - a multiservice p2p platform to provide safe and secure transactions based on smart contracts. Besides the escrow service, the Crypt-ON ecosystem includes a p2p lending service, a crypto freelance marketplace and a p2p local crypto-exchange. Crypt-ON is aimed at a wide range of users — from beginner crypto-enthusiasts and freelancers to marketplaces and managers of blockchain projects. Using a variety of Crypt-ON services it will be easy to buy and sell goods, apply for loans, look for work or hire professionals and to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat. All operations of the platform users are stored in smart-contracts. Users’ reputation will be determined through the trust token smart-contract mechanism. All user actions, transactions results, reviews and etc. will affect their rating. In fact, a trust token is a cryptographically secure rating of the reliability/trustworthiness of each user in the Crypt-ON system and it is stored in a smart-contract. There is another security feature to protect our users: an independent arbitrage system which is getting more and more independent with the ongoing project’s development and eventually forming a full-fledged community where DAO delegates will act as judges. Creating a DAO on the foundation of the platform is an important task for the Crypt-ON team. Thus, many of the tasks associated with developing a platform, improving functionality, increasing the user base and managing legal issues will be performed by the community itself. The mission of the Crypt-ON project is to create a global workspace for reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation of cryptousers all over the world. I-Point token (IPT) is an utility token, a universal way for settlements of any transaction on the p2p platform Crypt-ON. Also, using of IPT provides a 50% discount on fee services, insurance of trades, access to hiring through the crypto freelance marketplace and rapid growth of user rating.

Team members

Paul Andreev
CEO, Founder
Director of Investment-consulting company IPT LLC
Andrey Logunov
The chief architect of the project. Blockchain architect. Fullstack web-developer. Experience in IT-more than 10 years
Paul McGreen
Programmer, Data analyst
Specialist in ETL development and data visualization. Expert in mathematical and statistical modeling
Mikhail Sezemov
Google certified specialist. Traffic and Analytics expert. Experience in Internet marketing more than 8 years
Roman Cantarero
Business Development Manager

Technical Business Manager in Risk, Technology and Operations at Santader Bank. Graduated from Oxford University Blockchain Strategy Programme.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored page. It is not an investment advice and should NOT be viewed as project endorsement by EtherWorld. Readers are suggested to do their research before investing into any project.

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