EtherWorld Weekly: 26th March, 2023

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EtherWorld Weekly: 26th March, 2023


Ethereum News

Readiness of the Capella Upgrade
New CL Release, Naming of Post-Deneb CL Upgrade, Withdrawal Mainnet Shadow Fork 3, Addition of Proofs to BlobsBundleV1 & Shapella Bug Bounty

Partial SSZ Migration in the Cancun Upgrade
SSZ Complexity, C-KZG, '0-Blob Txns' Omitted, 4844 Specs includes KZG multi verify function & CL Client Team Updates

zkSync Era launches with Uniswap and Sushi
zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha is now open to all users. Developers, projects, and users can now experience the power of zkEVM.

MetaMask is now compatible with EIP-4361
This is part of their ongoing effort to make confirmations more legible to the community.

Arbitrum airdrop hype helps zkSync addresses jump over 5X
In total, nearly 39,000 addresses have bridged over $871 million to zkSync.

World News

Ban on CBDC, Arbitrum - zk-sync & more - #WEB3Today #8

Crypto exchange in Nigeria, Shanghai Upgrade & more - #WEB3Today #9

CBDC, Russia to use Chinese Yuan & more - #WEB3Today #10

Lighthouse, Xapo Bank enables USDC & more - #WEB3Today #11

zkSync Era launches with Uniswap, Nethermind & more - #WEB3Today #12

Highlights of Call

  • Lionel, the fifth release candidate for the upcoming Capella upgrade, adds the mainnet Capella fork epoch (CAPELLA_FORK_EPOCH) value.
  • Additionally, it addresses the issue of zero inputs in bls_modular_inverse() for the forthcoming Deneb upgrade.
  • An E-star name name is anticipated for the Consensus Layer upgrade following Deneb.
  • Developers are planning to do one more mainnet shadow fork once all final client releases are out.
  • The bug bounty for Shanghai-Capella specific issues has now been significantly increased, offering up to a 2x reward boost.

Watch Here

Tech Articles

Shapella Testing
Shapella Testing Timeline, Shandong Testnet, Withdrawals Devnets, Mainnet Shadow Forks, Zhejiang Testnet & Withdrawal Testing Techniques

Why Ethereum Clients prefer SSZ over RLP?
After The Merge, Ethereum uses two serialization formats for its two underlined layers. Execution clients use RLP, whereas Consensus clients use SSZ for data storage and transmitting.

Upcoming Changes to Ethereum Blockchain
This is the first developers AMA of 2023 featuring Ethereum Roadmap & Network Upgrades. Ethereum developers also discussed Privacy, Adoption and MEV.

How Warm COINBASE helps in Gas Cost Reduction?
EIP-3651: Client Implementation & Testing Status, Earlier Efforts: EIP-2929, EIP-2930, EIP-1559

Transient Storage for Beginners
EIP-1153: Need, Effects, Pros & Cons, Future Plans


Polygon and Immutable zkEVM Partnership with Sandeep Nailwal & Robbie Ferguson
David interviews Polygon Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal & Immutable Co-Founder Robbie Ferguson on their new zkEVM Partnership.

zkSync Era Mainnet Launch & NEW zkEVM with Alex Gluchowski and Anthony Rose
Speakers talk about engineering challenges, what zk unlocks, the difference between zkEVM vs Optimistic Rollups, what builders need to know, and token?!

PEEPanEIP #102: EIP-6049: Deprecate SELFDESTRUCT with William Entriken
This EIP deprecates the SELFDESTRUCT opcode and warns against its use. A breaking change to this functionality is likely to come in the future.

Coinbase’s Top Lawyer Calls SEC Wells Notice a ‘Massive Overreach’ - Ep. 472
Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s chief legal officer, shares his concerns about the SEC’s recent warning that it would pursue legal action against the crypto exchange.

Why Caitlin Long and Meltem Demirors Are Worried About Crypto’s Future in the US - Ep. 470
Caitlin Long, founder and CEO of Custodia Bank, and Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer of CoinShares, share their concerns about crypto in the U.S. following a wild week in the banking sector.

Tech Explainers

ETH Withdrawals: Everything You Need to Know
Validators, Ethereum's Validator Lifecycle, Types of Withdrawals, EIP-4895, How to make your Validator ready for Withdrawal?, EIP-4736 & Shapella Mainnet

Ethereum Virtual Machine
Functions, Stack Based VM, Smart Contract Execution & Key Benefits

How to Become Validator for Ethereum Blockchain?
Staking, Setup Node, Roles & Responsibilities

Client Diversity
Execution Layer, Consensus Layer, Why there is a need for multiple clients?, Advantages & Risks

Reth: Ethereum Execution Layer Client Written in Rust
Why new client?, Goals, Reth Book, Launch Date & Akula

ELI5 Explainers

We have tried to explain common ethereum blockchain concepts in under 60 seconds.

  1. What is an Ethereum Account?
  2. Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) Vs Contract Accounts
  3. What is an Ethereum Transaction?
  4. Ethereum Transaction Lifecycle
  5. What is Ethereum Validator?

Readers can follow more short videos here.

Client Updates




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