Readiness of the Capella Upgrade

New CL Release, Naming of Post-Deneb CL Upgrade, Withdrawal Mainnet Shadow Fork 3, Addition of Proofs to BlobsBundleV1 & Shapella Bug Bounty

Readiness of the Capella Upgrade

Ethereum's core developers discussed in detail about latest CL release in the recent All Core Devs Call. Representatives from various client teams provided updates on their individual client releases as well. Furthermore, the call featured a lively debate regarding the potential name for the next CL upgrade.


New CL Release

Lionel, the fifth release candidate for the upcoming Capella upgrade, adds the mainnet Capella fork epoch (CAPELLA_FORK_EPOCH) value. Additionally, it addresses the issue of zero inputs in bls_modular_inverse() for the forthcoming Deneb upgrade. Previously, the function returned zero when receiving zero as input, which was a convention, but not mathematically accurate since zero does not have a multiplicative inverse.

Naming of Post-Deneb CL Upgrade

An E-star name name is anticipated for the Consensus Layer upgrade following Deneb. For instance, Electra is a potential candidate for the upgrade, which will be use for the Verge. The Consensus Layer traditionally adopts star names for its upgrades, while the Execution Layer uses Devcon city names. Consequently, the subsequent upgrade is expected to be a combination of Prague and another star-themed name. Currently, developers are thinking of Electra, a star within the Taurus constellation.

Withdrawal Mainnet Shadow Fork 3

As the Shapella network upgrade is approaching in April 2023, rigorous testing is being conducted to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any potential risks or issues during the upgrade. Developers are planning to do one more mainnet shadow fork once all releases are out.

Addition of Proofs to BlobsBundleV1

PR 6610 has made it possible for the execution layer (EL) to generate and provide proofs. This new capability simplifies the process of passing the proofs to the consensus layer (CL). The consensus layer no longer needs to generate proofs or commitments on its own. Instead, it can simply verify the information it receives from the execution client. The allows the EL to return proofs in the engine_getBlobsBundleV1. These proofs can then be easily validated in the CL using the verify_blob_kzg_proof_batch function, and subsequently be used to build individual blobSideCar.

Shapella Bug Bounty

The bug bounty for Shanghai-Capella specific issues has now been significantly increased, offering up to a 2x reward boost. With this enhancement, the bounty pool can reach as high as $0.5 million now, , further incentivizing the detection and resolution of critical vulnerabilities.

The next All Core Devs Call #158 is scheduled on March 30 at 2:00 UTC. Core developers will discuss more about the progress of Shapella Upgrade.

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