Immutable zkEVM : A layer-2 solution

Immutable provides Layer 2 solutions on the most secure and decentralized Ethereum layer

Immutable zkEVM : A layer-2 solution

Immutable provides Layer 2 solutions on the most secure and decentralized Ethereum layer 1. Also APIs and developer tools make it easy to build on layer 2. Immutable X is aimed at enabling developers to build fast, scalable and secure applications for NFTs and blockchain games.

Layer-2 is a mechanisms that process batches of transactions independently of layer-1 and only periodically reports them to the main chain. This decreases the total number of transactions that have to be validated on layer 1. Layer 2s are also known as "execution layers" or "rollups".

Immutable X offer two execution layers, both of which use the ZK rollup batching mechanism.

ZK rollups works on mainly two components:

  1. Off-chain batching mechanism (virtual machine) - generates a cryptographic proof from a batch of transactions in a highly compressed form together with the previous state root and the new state root.
  2. On-chain contract:
    • Stores the current state root of the rollup.
    • Verifies that the previous state root in the batch matches the current state root. If so, it switches the state root to the new state root.

ZK rollups work as a collection of layer 2 transactions are sent to the batching mechanism which generates a cryptographic proof from the transactions, previous state root and the new state root. This proof is sent to the layer 1 smart contract to verify. The layer 1 smart contract checks that the proof's previous state root is the same as its current state root. If it does, then it updates its current state root to the new state root of the batch.

Immutable is a proven and secure web3 infrastructure. It assures maximum security with Ethereum backbone, launch your game within weeks and mint millions of assets with minimal cost. It provides a seamless player experience for your users and a powerful web3 community of over 1 million users. It gives 99%+ uptime reliability without compromising speed also it has carbon neutral and has no impact on the environment.

Immutable permits users to build appilcations like:

  • Games offering sophisticated economies through true ownership of in-game assets.

    • Free minting of game assets.
    • Fast and cheap in game transactions.
    • Self-custodial wallets so that users truly own their in-game items.
    • Global orderbook so in-game items can be exchanged on the open market.
  • Token and asset trading platforms

    • Fast, cheap and secure trades between users
    • Global orderbook enabling maximum liquidity
  • Blockchain transaction analysis tools

    • Easily accessible data on past transactions, trades and other user behaviors via APIs

Immutable provide SDKs for a range of languages and frameworks that make it easy for application developers to execute basic, as well as more advanced, functionality.

It has two types of SDK: One of the functionality is Core. It facilitates key functionality of the Immutable platform. Provides a wrapper for the API endpoints as well as workflow functions that make common actions easier to implement.

And the other functionality is user wallet interactions which enables applications to facilitate user transactions by connecting with user wallets on various platforms and enabling user authorization (signing) of state updating transactions.

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