EtherWorld Weekly: 18th February, 2023

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EtherWorld Weekly: 18th February, 2023


Ethereum News

Sepolia Shapella upgrade scheduled on 2/28/2023
Sepolia, which is the first of the long-standing public testnets, is scheduled to go through an upgrade 2/28/2023, 4:04:48 AM UTC. The last testnet to receive the Shapella update is Goerli, which will happen once Sepolia has gone through its own round of testing.

OFAC-compliant blocks on Ethereum hit three-month low of 47%
The percentage of Ethereum blocks complying with orders set by the United States Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) has now fallen to 47% — the lowest level since Oct. 11.

Vitalik Buterin donates $227K to help earthquake victims in Turkey
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has now made at least two substantial contributions to help the victims of last week’s devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Polygon announces to launch zKEVM mainnet beta
Security is the highest priority, which is why Polygon zkEVM has been run through a gauntlet of tests and audits. Users and devs can expect full transparency about the security measures that will protect the Ethereum community during Mainnet Beta.

GHO stablecoin deployed by Aave on Ethereum testnet
An Aave community proposal to launch a native crypto-based stablecoin, GHO, was passed over with 99% votes in favor of the proposal on JULY, 2022. The proposal was intended to improve on the features of Aave's lending platform, as previously reported.

World News

Siemens issues digital bond on Polygon public blockchain
Siemens, Germany’s largest industrial manufacturer has issued a €60m one year digital bond on the public Polygon Mainnet. It has done this to reduce paperwork and reach out to potential customers directly.

Shemaroo partners with Polygon to make Web3 debut
According to an announcement, Shemaroo, a media and entertainment company joined hands with Polygon Labs to launch exclusively on the network.

Russia to roll out CBDC pilot with real consumers in April
The Bank of Russia is preparing to roll out the first consumer pilot for the nation’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) on April 1, 2023.

European Union discusses using zero-knowledge proofs for digital IDs
The proposal would facilitate the emergence of new business models and opportunities in the digital economy, as companies develop innovative products and services that rely on zero-knowledge proofs and eID solutions.

El Salvador to open a ‘Bitcoin Embassy’ in the United States
Milena Mayorga, the Salvadoran Ambassador to the United States, announced the news in a statement on Twitter on Feb. 14.

Highlights of Ethereum Devs Call

  • Withdrawal Devnet 7 was launched on February 14th. The Capella fork took place 48 hours later on February 16th, bringing together 600K validators, 300K BLS changes, and 100K exits, all in an effort to simulate worst-case scenarios.
  • Withdrawal Mainnet Shadow Fork 2 will happen in the coming weeks. Developers will be doing mev-boost testing this time and hopefully will have mock relay/real relays to test some circuit breaker conditions.
  • Marius VanDerWijden found a bug on Zheijang Testnet that showed up during full sync for empty blocks, i.e., a block with no transactions. A quick fix is deployed by him.
  • Developers agreed to ban blobless 4844 transactions from the public mempool but not on-chain. This will make things simpler for clients in their initial implementation, and it's always easier to relax a constraint than add a new one.
  • SSZ Transactions Breakout Room #2 is scheduled for March 1. Here, Core Developers will further discuss various SSZ proposals & their impact on EIP-4844.

Watch Here

Tech Articles

Shapella Testing
Shapella Testing Timeline, Shandong Testnet, Withdrawals Devnets, Mainnet Shadow Forks, Zhejiang Testnet & Withdrawal Testing Techniques

Why Ethereum Clients prefer SSZ over RLP?
After The Merge, Ethereum uses two serialization formats for its two underlined layers. Execution clients use RLP, whereas Consensus clients use SSZ for data storage and transmitting.

Upcoming Changes to Ethereum Blockchain
This is the first developers AMA of 2023 featuring Ethereum Roadmap & Network Upgrades. Ethereum developers also discussed Privacy, Adoption and MEV.

How Warm COINBASE helps in Gas Cost Reduction?
EIP-3651: Client Implementation & Testing Status, Earlier Efforts: EIP-2929, EIP-2930, EIP-1559

Transient Storage for Beginners
EIP-1153: Need, Effects, Pros & Cons, Future Plans


Network State Podcast with Balaji #2
Tobi Lütke (Shopify Founder & CEO), Kaz Nejatian (Shopify COO), and Balaji review how Shopify rose from tiny startup to $180B+ global economy, with an annual GMV on par with the GDP of New Zealand.

Regen Web3 Employment with John Paller
In this episode, Bankless team is discussing how employment is going to evolve with decentralized blockchain-based finance with John Paller.

Open-Source Funding with Gregoire of Only Dust
In this episode, Bankless team is talking to Gregoire Gambatto, co-founder of Only Dust, the platform for open-source paid contribution. If you’re a budding developer with dreams of impacting the StarkNet ecosystem, this app is for you!

zk-Hardware with Omer of Ingonyama
In this episode, Bankless team is speaking with Omer Shlomovits, founder and CEO of Ingonyama, a next-generation semiconductor company, building specialized hardware for Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Smart Contract Wallets with Motty Lavie of Braavos
In this episode, Bankless team is talking to Motty Lavie, the founder and CEO of Braavos, the team behind the self-custodial Braavos wallet on top of StarkNet.

Tech Explainers

Reth: Ethereum Execution Layer Client Written in Rust
Why new client?, Goals, Reth Book, Launch Date & Akula
with Ethereum: EIP-4361
SSO, Problems in Web2 Vs Web3, Connect Wallet Vs Sign & Programming Languages
TWAMM: Time-Weighted Average Market Maker
Sandwich Attacks, Traditional Finance, TWAP, Arbitrage Traders & Constant Product Formula
MobyMask: An Initiative to Eliminate Phishers
Solidity Contract, Delegatable, Future, Reporters, Laconic Network & Goal
Proof of Reserves
FTX Drama, Merkle Tree, Merkle Root, Working & Shortcomings

ELI5 Explainers

We have tried to explain common ethereum blockchain concepts in under 60 seconds.

  1. What is an Ethereum Account?
  2. Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) Vs Contract Accounts
  3. What is an Ethereum Transaction?
  4. Ethereum Transaction Lifecycle
  5. What is Ethereum Validator?

Readers can follow more short videos here.

Client Updates




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