Shemaroo partners with Polygon to make Web3 debut

Shemaroo a media and entertainment company joined hands with Polygon Labs to launch

Shemaroo partners with Polygon to make Web3 debut

According to an announcement, Shemaroo, a media and entertainment company joined hands with Polygon Labs to launch exclusively on the network.

As Per the announcement, at launch, the marketplace will list NFTs from iconic Bollywood films, such as images, movie clips, and 3D, metaverse ready avatars upon launch.
The NFT holders will be able to take their favorite Bollywood characters into the metaverse, be a part of memorable cinematic journeys, and create collections of their precious moments via Users can also earn and receive rewards along with added community engagements through Virtasy’s community-centric platform.

Shemaroo plans to give some additional benefits to the users like quick and cheap transactions while maintaining Ethereum’s strong security and decentralization by utilizing Polygon’s scaling infrastructure.

Shemaroo has also teamed up with Web 3.0 full-stack infrastructure firm Seracle to introduce Virtasy to the general public.

CEO of Shemaroo Entertainment, Hiren Gada said “Pre-empting how web 3.0 is going to impact the entertainment industry, and to be future-ready, Shemaroo has chalked out its roadmap in this space, and the launch of Virtasy is a major step in that direction.”“By leveraging the full suite of Polygon Labs’s innovative solutions, tools, and frameworks, we will intertwine cutting-edge modern technology with the vast popularity of iconic Bollywood movies and reach fans all around the world.

Polygon's ecosystem acts as a home to some of the biggest NFT projects, such as OpenSea and Magic Eden, and hosts more than 500,000 collections, including Cool Cats and y00ts. Companies like Adidas, Robinhood, and Stripe have chosen it as their gateway to Web3 due to the network’s low fees, fast transaction speeds, and carbon neutrality.

Kelly DiGregorio, VP & Global Head of Entertainment at Polygon Studios stated that “Polygon Labs remains committed to transforming the NFT space and making it easily accessible to the thriving entertainment and art sector in India. We are delighted to now be associated with Shemaroo, a name synonymous with Bollywood. Together, I am confident we will be able to connect NFTs to a loyal and enthusiastic audience,”.

In the end, we can work together, to build an equitable future for all through the mass adoption of Web3!

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