Highlights of Ethereum's Consensus Layer Call #96

CL calls on a Break, Besu 22.7.3 Release Teaser, Latest Client Releases, SSE subscription for newPayload event, MEV-Boost Bug

Highlights of Ethereum's Consensus Layer Call #96


Micah Zoltu started this call. Here is the quick glance at the agenda of this call:

  1. Merge Related Updates
  2. MEV-Boost
  3. SSE Subscription for New Payload

CL calls on a Break

Micah Zoltu said that next few CL calls are cancelled due to devcon and developers will be taking a break.

Besu 22.7.3 Release Teaser

Here are the complete highlights of the next expected Besu Release shared by Matt Nelson:

According to him, this release will be live on Friday. This will cover major bug fixes and issues.

Latest Client Releases

Micah Zoltu said that there are some issues and bugs in clients which will be resolved in upcoming releases. Here is quick recap of all the Latest client releases by EtherWorld Team.

SSE subscription for newPayload event

Block builders in the MEV-Boost ecosystem need a few bits of information to start block building as soon as possible. This information is available at at the newPayload event, or after a timeout if the BN missed a slot, so block production is still triggered. Currently a custom BN fork is needed to trigger block production in time.

Chris Hager wants to propose adding another SSE event subscription to the beacon-APIs, which can be used to trigger block production.

Here is the complete GitHub Issue on SSE Subscription for newPayload event to Trigger Block Building.

MEV-Boost Bug

According to Chris Hager, On the launch day of MEV-Boost, there was a bug that caused missed slots when a deposit was included. This bug was resolved since version v1.3.1, i.e., on 16th September. It was present in the decoding the getPayload request body, which would fail if a deposit is included in the SignedBlindedBeaconBlock sent to the relay. The total impact was three missed slots. This bug was firstly identified by Enrico del Fante. Here is the complete Post Mortem Analysis by Chris Hager.

Readers can watch Ethereum's Consensus Layer Call #96 here:

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