Ethereum Bulletin #55

Goerli/Prater merge predicted for Aug 11, Roadmap to the mainnet merge , Merge community call , Recap of all the Shadow Forks , Vitalik on using Stealth Addresses for ERC721s, Ground up guide to rollups , Tornado Cash banned by US Government

Ethereum Bulletin #55


Goerli/Prater merge predicted for Aug 11

Goerli, the last testnet undergoing the merge transition, is set to transition on August 11 by . If you are validator running a node this is the last call for upgrading them. See the requirements below.

Roadmap to the mainnet merge

Merge community call

One of the last merge community call is on Friday, August 12 at 14:00 UTC (10:00 ET)

Zoom Link

Discussion topics

  • Goerli updates
  • CL client balance (prysm to lighthouse)
  • post-Merge testnets
  • block times go from ~13s to exactly 12s. may impact lending protocols and how they calculate annual rates (use timestamps)
  • setting fee recipient: tx fees go to validator address on the Execution layer: see here
  • Validators need to run both Execution and Consensus clients - and diversity matters for both EL and CL clients: guides here

Recap of all the Shadow Forks

Below is the quick pictographic representation of all the shadow forks that have happened on Goerli and the Mainnet to date by our side. Check out this blogpost to know more.

Vitalik on using Stealth Addresses for ERC721s

Stealth addresses are a low-tech approach to add a significant amount of privacy to the NFT ecosystem This system will enable users to send an NFT to the new owner without anyone else knowing it, only the new owner can see it.

Ground up guide to rollups

There are various explanations given about zk EVMs and one more is adding to the list by Immutale X. It tries to clear out various doubts one might have about zkEVMs like-

  • What exactly is a zk-rollup?
  • What differs between application-specific and general purpose rollups?
  • What is a zk-EVM rollup? What do terms like EVM-equivalent and EVM-compatible actually mean, and how do they apply to rollups?
  • What is the current state of the zk-rollup ecosystem, and what does that mean for my project?

Find answers to the queries below.

Tornado Cash banned by US Government

The department of U.S. Treasury banned using of Tornado Cash, alleging that it poses a national security risk because of its role in Korean hackers' laundering of stolen crypto funds. Tornado Cash has been the go-to mixer for cybercriminals looking to launder the proceeds of crime.

Click on the link here to learn more

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