Ethereum Bulletin #52

EF academic grants round gratees, Vitalik replied to Optimism’s Bedrock upgrade, NFT sale for the Ethereum core devs, Swell Network Release Candidate, Synapse Protocol, Immutable X early access to Gamestop wallet

Ethereum Bulletin #52


EF academic grants round gratees

39 grant recipients were chosen for the Ethereum Foundation's most recent Academic Grants Round, and more than $2 million has been distributed among them. This funding round solicited academic ideas from scholars, think tanks, Ph.D. students, and anyone else interested in improving knowledge about the Ethereum ecosystem. Research teams from Australia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam are among those whose projects were approved, with grants ranging widely in scope and geographic representation.

Vitalik replied to Optimism's Bedrock upgrade

Optimism states that the difference between their client and Bedrock's client is 500 lines of code, and Bedrock is a rollup design created to convert Ethereum's existing code into Rollup code. A researcher at OP Labs provided a discussion in which Vitalik responded with an explanation of the upgrade and a modest shift in his views regarding the use of ZK proofs to optimistic rollups.

The points of view are listed below.

NFT sale for the Ethereum core devs

A NFT benefit sale for the Ethereum core developers working on the Merge was announced by Stateful Works as "New Home of the Heart"! To commemorate this significant achievement of the approaching Merge, they are holding an NFT exhibition and sale. The Protocol Guild, the participating artists, and the organisers will provide a portion of all ETH earnings. to the developers.

Swell Network Mainnet Release Candidate is Live

Prior to the Merge, Swell Network liquid staking will offer its much awaited, next-generation liquid staking solution for Ethereum. This is just one step away from mainnet going live. This accomplishment comes after a thorough, multi-phase Mainnet Launch Test Schedule was finished, in which the protocol's community of stakeholders and node operators actively participated and provided input.

Synapse Protocol details

The first sovereign execution environment devoted to the creation of cross-chain applications and primitives is called Synapse Chain. All Synapse Chain blocks will be created by a sequencer and saved inside an Ethereum smart contract, as is typical of most rollup architectures. Gas will initially be paid in ETH when the network launches, but the DAO may look into ways to tie chain usage to SYN.

This launch in the messaging protocol is feature loaded, you can check these features below.

Immutable X early access to Gamestop wallet

The GameStop wallet is now natively interoperable with the whole protocol thanks to Immutable's integration of the wallet with the Immutable X Link infrastructure. Now, any Immutable X partner or marketplace that supports Link will have a native option to join and trade that includes the GameStop wallet.

Swype enabling DAOs to link with FDIC bank account

You can now immediately link your Gnosis Safe wallets to an FDIC-insured bank account if you are a DAO or a member of a DAO. Your wallets are completely non-custodial, and you'll be able to submit proposals that let you send wire transfers and accept ACH payments using a multisig-affiliated virtual bank account.

Optimism's recap of the EthCC event

The recap is a mix of all the events that occurred at the EthCC, Paris including the OP Café, Workshops, EIP-4844 by Proto, Bedrock by Josh Gutow and many more.

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