Ethereum Bulletin #51

Görli/Prater Merge Announcement, Geth Nausicaa v1.10.21 release, Highlights of Ethereum Consensus Layer meeting 92, MSF10 was a success, Huff - new smart contract language, Rocket pool’s Redstone upgrade and 1000 ETH deposit

Ethereum Bulletin #51


Görli/Prater Merge Announcement

Bellatrix, the Prater upgrade readying it for The Merge will happen at
epoch 112260, expected at 12:24 PM UTC on August 4, 2022. After
Bellatrix is activated, the Goerli/Prater merge will happen when Goerli
hits a total difficulty of 10790000, expected between August 6-12, 2022.

Post-merge, Goerli's validator set will remain open for individual
stakers to run testnets validators. Stakers who wish to start a
Goerli/Prater validator can do so at the Prater Launchpad. The combined
Goerli/Prater network will retain the Goerli name post-merge.

Geth Nausicaa v1.10.21 release

Geth v1.10.21 is a maintenance release, adding built-in configuration
for the merge fork on the Goerli testnet and the mergeNetsplitBlock for
the Sepolia testnet.

Specifically, this release

  • defines a terminal total difficulty for Goerli as 10_790_000 and

  • defines the mergeNetsplitBlock as 1735371 for Sepolia.

Highlights of Ethereum Consensus Layer meeting 92

In Consensus-layer Call 92, the Ethereum core developers discussed a few
agendas like Goerli-Shadow-Fork-5,
issues related to Merge, and more. They also announced
Goerli-Shadow-Fork-6 and it is planned for next week.

Read the summary of the call

Shadow fork 10 was a success

No client incompatibilities were observed except for some Besu nodes
which were running on an older version and needed an update and other
minor inconvenience in Lodestar and Erigon.

Huff - new smart contract language released

Huff is said to be the most gas-optimized smart contract language to
ever touch the EVM. It enables you to optimize your contracts by up to
80% compared to other languages like Solidity and Vyper. Huff is an
extremely low-level assembly-like language designed for developing
highly optimized smart contracts for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. To
learn more check out the thread below.

Rocket pool's Redstone upgrade and 1000 ETH deposit

Redstone is the name of the Rocket Pool release that includes The Merge
compatibility. This upgrade will be launched before The Merge of the
mainnet. Read our [blogpost](200K ETH staked on Rocketpool and the Redstone upgrade( covering all the feature inside the upgrade
here. A 1000 ETH has been deposited in the Rocket pool which will
eventually help in staking as Rocket pool is an ETH staking protocol.

David Hoffman's ETHCC interviews

Starting with Vitalik Buterin the Bankless's founder covered views of
various well known personalities in the ecosystem.

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