Ethereum Bulletin #39

Consensus Layer call #91,Nethermind Contributor appreciation week, Lodestar setup guide, Gnosis Safe raise $100M and rebranded as Safe, Flashbots: Kings of The Mempool , Status has made fastest BLS signature implementations, Zapper V2 Beta testing is live now

Ethereum Bulletin #39


Consensus Layer call #91

All core devs (ACD) calls and the Consensus Layer calls are the best route to learn about the incidents that are supposed to happen for the Ethereum mainnet to merge. Now, you can hear to meetings every alternate Thursday.

The next consensus layer call is on July 14.

Link for the meet.

2022 Nethermind Contributor appreciation week

Nethermind edition of execution layer client appreciation week! On the Nethermind execution layer, if you ever assisted with the documentation, updated an endpoint, repaired a problem, etc., you are entitled for a POAP as a thank-you from the client for your work.

Lodestar setup guide

For the ongoing process of testing the Merge Lodestar has released a quick setup guide to run the testnets combined with the Nethermind, Besu or Geth clients.

Gnosis Safe raise $100M and rebranded as Safe

With almost $40 billion in stored assets, Gnosis, now known as Safe, is a public good that is already enabling ownership at scale. It is used by top DAOs, organisations, businesses, and people to secure and coordinate value. Over 60 investors, including Tiger Global, Lightspeed, ANT Capital, and others, contributed to the purchase. They have also launched a rebrand to "Safe" to set the road for their exciting next stage of expansion.

Flashbots: Kings of The Mempool

This essay seeks to provide a deep dive into the Mempool through the lens of the Flashbots auction if you are interested in the technical side of things. Discover the Mempool, Flashbots, Bundles, and Searcher Auctions through the creation of MEV Geth, a unique Ethereum client that allowed Flashbots to modify the Mempool's shape and structure.

The gateway between miners & searchers that MEV Geth and the Flashbots relay supplied altered the MEV game forever.

Status has made one of the fastest BLS signature implementations

BLS signatures provide integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation and are used in Ethereum 2. A technical article explaining how Status implemented the fastest BLS signature is linked below.

Zapper V2 Beta testing is live now

You can contribute in the v2 beta testing if you hold any zapper NFTs from seasons 1 and 2 or a POAP from zapper community call #36.

Liquidators for crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital say they can't find founders

There is no sign of Three Arrows Capital (3ACfounders. )'s Liquidators are having difficulty locating them, and the two founders have not offered any substantive assistance. Earlier this month, 3AC filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy after missing payments on a $670 million debt from Voyager Digital. Additionally, it hasn't paid back a $270 million loan to There is a chance that the company's founders will try to move the remaining funds somewhere else.

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